Keeping Shakespeare Moving

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the differences between William Shakespeare’s works on screen or in print.

The following paper attempts to show that people enjoy Shakespeare for a variety of reasons. It shows how some people are used to enjoying the amount of Shakespeare a filmmaker can fit into a two hour film, while others enjoy reading it in full. In this essay the writer attempts to show that, whether on film or in print, anyone who enjoys Shakespeare knows that imagination is key to enjoying it.
From the paper:

But there are differences between the choices of experiencing Shakespeare. With a book, you can pause and come back to it later; you can digest it at your own pace. You can also reread certain passages and study the text more intensely than you can actors in a film. A lot of Shakespeare’s speeches state the same thing several ways, so that the audience at a live performance can catch what’s going on. When reading that speech, you can enjoy the entire thing without worrying about keeping up.

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