Ke$ha – “Animal”

7 July 2019

With her upbeat pop sound, Ke$ha was bound to be a hit. Her single “TiK ToK” was released last summer and ­instantly became number one. The song broke records all over the world, so the standards for her new album “Animal” were very high. The 22-year-old got her start working with well-known rapper Flo Rida on the popular “Right Round.” Flo Rida now has a song on ­“Animal,” backed by Colorado ­natives Nat and Sean of the electric rap group 3OH!3.

This CD appeals mostly to young listeners with its electronic beat and raucously ­inappropriate lyrics. The intoxicating sound of “Take It Off” is mesmerizing with its techno background, much like the flirty track “Your Love Is My Drug.” Ke$ha shows her girly side with “Kiss ‘n Tell,” a boisterous song poking fun at an unfaithful boyfriend.

The most intriguing tune, “Blah Blah Blah,” featuring 3OH!3, is a humorous look into the methods of male attraction.

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Slower tracks make their appearance toward the end of the album. “Blind” is a song you could sulk to after a break-up, saying, “You’ll miss me ’til the day you die,” and the revenge-seeking singer name-drops shamelessly in “Backstabber.”

Ending with the title track, “Animal,” the album goes out with a bang. The CD will keep you dancing. I highly recommend you take a walk on the wild side with “Animal.”

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