Kelly’s Professional Criteria in Nursing

2 February 2017

Kelly’s final professional criteria states that there is an organization that encourages and supports high standards of practice (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 68).

There are numerous professional nursing associations to consider for membership that support and encourage nurses and our profession. These organizations range from national levels to state levels and can be specific to areas of nursing practice, for example: Arkansas Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation Association (ACVPR) is specific to professionals working in the cardiac or pulmonary rehab setting.Nurses are trusted and respected among the public, we have a vast body of knowledge through research, have attended colleges or universities, we participate in intellectual activities, the Nurse Practice Act and Code of Ethics helps to guide us, we consider our work who we are and professional organizations are available to support and improve the nursing profession as a whole. As a nurse, we may work in a facility that sets the policies but as a nurse we put our patients first by becoming their advocates.

Kelly’s Professional Criteria in Nursing Essay Example

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