Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits

6 June 2019

Kenny Chesney is an easy-going, fun-loving country singer whose songs really reflect his personality. He has had many number-one hits on the country charts and has won many awards. His 2000 “Greatest Hits” album shows why – it is outstanding, with all his best songs on one great CD.

Chesney’s music covers a variety of topics, beats and tempos so it never gets old. There is a song for everyone, whether the broken-hearted, someone enjoying a first love, or even those just looking for good dance tunes.

Chesney grew up in Tennessee and the state remains very close to his heart. He wrote a song about it called “Back Where I Come From” that is classic country with lots of guitar and drums – plus his cute Southern accent sharing fond memories of growing up in the South.

On this album there are ballads focusing on all types of love. A favorite of mine is “You Had Me From Hello” which is a very meaningful and romantic song.

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In it, Chesney sings about how he got his heart broken by someone he loved, so he built a wall around his heart. Then he meets someone new who breaks right through that barrier at first sight.

Chesney sings a fast-paced, two-stepping kind of song called, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” which has a lot of energy and is really enjoyable. Here, he combines violins with the typical guitars and drums for an extra zing. It’s funny because Chesney is singing about a girl who is in love with a tractor and the guy who drives it.

Finally, a song that is near and dear to my heart, “Baptism,” is a duet with Randy Travis whose baritone beautifully complements Chesney’s tenor as they sing in harmony. The song is about a boy getting baptized and realizing that he has a fresh start with all his past wrongs forgotten. The two sing in a very soothing way.

I have enjoyed listening to this great collection many times and will continue to do so. Kenny Chesney’s crowd-pleasing personality and awesome talent make him an amazing musician. One of my favorite things about his music is that it tells stories of real life. When a song has meaning, and isn’t just some untalented person screaming about meaningless stuff, it makes it actually worth listening to. I recommend any of his albums, because they are all awesome and well worth the time and money.

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