Kenny Chesney When the Sun Goes Down

7 July 2019

As Kenny Chesney’s I Go Back plays through your speakers the memories of times of the past can’t help but begin to run through your head and your taken back to “another place and time”. There’s something about the innocence, or what some call recklessness of growing up that many argue you can’t get back, but for four short minutes Chesney’s I Go back offers you an opportunity to cling to the dreams, wishes, changes, wildness and stories that defined your youth.

As a song writer Chesney does a brilliant job sticking to what he knows and finding the simplicity in the chaotic world we live in. In I Go Back the relatable lyrics Chesney belts out offers a unique opportunity for the audience to feel connected with the artist and the stories he shares through his music. Kenny’s voice does not sound scripted, but instead easy flowing and smooth like that of a story teller; which only enhances the connection between artist and audience. Chesney’s voice speaks from the heart and you can feel his desire for his listeners to take the time to think back to the simpler days of life and to the memories that go along with it. Weather it be dreaming big (“Jack and Diane” painted a picture of my life and my dreams”) falling in love for the first time, graduating and moving on, or the loss of someone close (“to the loss of a real good friend and the sixteen summers I shared with him”) there’s something about growing up that everyone can relate to and this is what truly makes I Go Back so enjoyable to such a vast audience.

Kenny Chesney When the Sun Goes Down Essay Example

Although the lyrics of I Go Back are simple and have a down home small town feel to them, the actual music of the song is far from your grandparents’ classic lullaby country song. The music fits wonderfully with Chesney’s attention grabbing, slightly twang, and partially rock and roll voice. While staying true to its roots with its lyrics it has a nice country style acoustic guitar leading the way but is backed by powerful electric guitars and drums which bring out the rock in the song and immediately captures the listener’s attention. The music makes the song the perfect hybrid between rock and country. With each piece of music and lyric intertwined it’s as if Chesney and his band did not have to force anything, but instead let the lyrics and music play off each other to create a flawless chart toping hit.

Kenny Chesney doesn’t try to be anything he isn’t in I Go Back and this in turn brings out everything that he truly is a lover of music, life and making memories. Chesney’s ability to “take us back to another place and time” with such simplicity is what truly makes this song one of the greats.

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