Kentucky Fried Chicken History

5 May 2017

The company operates with five long-term measures identified as essentials of corporate growth and progress .. 1 International Expansion ‘Yum! Brands number-one goal is to drive global expansion with its category- leading brands. In 2002, the company opened a record 1,051 new international estaurants and increased international system sales 9% prior to foreign currency conversion. ‘ 2. Multibrand Innovation & Expansion ‘Yum! Brands is the worldwide leader in multibranding, offering consumers more choice and convenience at one restaurant location from a combination of two of the company’s brands. The company and its franchisees today operate over 1,975 multibrand restaurants, generating over $2 billion in annual system sales.

Approximately 350 new systemwide multibrand restaurants were opened in 2002. ‘3. Portfolio of Category-Leading U. S. Brands ‘U. S. ystemwide same-store sales increased approximately 4% while U. S. same-store sales at company restaurants increased approximately 2% in 2002. ‘4. Global Franchise Fees ‘Global franchise fees, a significant factor in annual profits and cash flow, grew 6% to $866 million. Global franchise net restaurant growth was 2% in 2002. ‘ 5. Strong Cash Generation and Returns ‘Yum! Brands generated over $1. 3 billion in cash from all sources in 2002, more than fully funding capital expenditure needs, allowing free cash flow for share repurchase, and some repayment of debt.

Kentucky Fried Chicken History Essay Example

Return on invested capital is 18%, in the estaurant industry’s top tier. ‘ Culture Big on diversity in the workplace Promotes differences in background, ethnic cultures, and values – oriented environment Focuses on teaching everybody something new Promotes unity in the workplace Team- Focuses on building relationships and creating diversity and commitment within the company and amongst employees and customers Organizational Structure and Design KFC is part of a divisional structure, which is Yum! Brands, Inc. – Long John Silver’s, A&W, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut are the other divisions – Offers positions to change and growth – KFC works to bring recognition and money to Yum!

Brands, Human Resource Management We won’t make you wing it’ is KFC’s motto when it comes to training employees. Training includes: 1) Workbooks 2) Quizzes 3) On-the-Job competency based training Employees are encouraged to work together as a team their people grow to their highest potential interesting and exciting for workers Social Responsibility KFC is committed to making sure KFC does their best to make the Job KFC has made it their responsibility to consumers that they will provide quality chicken in a fast, efficient way. They also say that their meat comes about ethically and through humane treatment. This has not always proved true in the past, since the PETA has become involved with their warehouses that ‘grow’ the chickens.

KFC has made statements to the patrons of KFC, though, that the chickens will not be treated badly in the progression from birth to the processing plant. KFC sponsors a reward for senior citizens, those who live life to the fullest and are recognized in their community ‘ KFC also has the Colonel’s Kids program, a charity organization that helps kids become educated and grow up in a better world han that which they have known. It addresses the child care crisis and steps up to the plate to help out where possible. ‘ Scholarships and diversity programs are a part of KFC’s social responsibility as well Recently, the PETA group secretly recorded a worker at the Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the processing plants, beating a live chicken against the wall in order to kill it.

As soon as KFC was notified of this treatment, they immediately submitted a written statement saying that the treatment was ‘appalling’ and took action immediately, placing an animal welfare expert at the plant to ensure he ethical, humane treatment of the chickens. The statement said that: “We do not tolerate animal abuse by any of our suppliers, under any circumstance. ‘ KFC also told the company Pilgrim’s Pride that, “unless they can definitively assure us there are absolutely no abuses taking place, we will not purchase from this Moorefield, West Virginia, facility. ‘ PETA says that more action should be taken, but KFC has done all it can to ensure that people are happy with the facilities and means by which their food comes about.

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