Kevin Wormell

12 December 2017

Then, for the majority of the paper, discuss your choices for your five major speeches (and don’t forget to include the Focus Groups’). These five speeches ere: Introduction, Personal Narrative, Informative, Persuasive, and Final Speech.

What does your collection of speeches reveal about your speaking in this class? Did the words flow fairly easily or was it difficult? What was your hardest and easiest speech?Most importantly, this paper should include your person observations on your experience giving speeches over the semester; In other words, your reflections on the specific topics and Issues that Interested you (and you can certainly Include other people in the class’s topics – not just your own’), questions about these topics, ND critical thinking opportunities to investigate the nature of public speaking as a whole. Please discuss the fill, The Great Debaters, or any of the Deaf Jam poets, as well. You may also discuss the campus speakers if you saw them. Remember to refer to textbook lessons, class discussions, and handouts, If relevant.IA. My Initial goals for this semester in your public speaking class were simply to gain more confidence in myself to become a better public speaker. Also another goal was to become more active in making new friends and conversing out of my comfort one.

Kevin Wormell Essay Example

Not only that, I wanted to be able to talk/speak in front of a crowd without letting my nerves and the fear of speaking overcome me. Finally, I had another mini goal of gaining more knowledge toward the subject of public speaking, whether It was studying on certain subjects to better my vocabulary or learning about certain aspects of the form of speaking. B. O the flirts speech we had was on describing myself to the rest of my class, which was very nerve-racking on its own, but when I stepped up there I noticed that it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. I felt I gained more confidence after the first speech to my surprising and I was capable of going up in front of the class and speaking easily. I have now learned that I can relax easier while speaking In front of people and that It’s not so hard to Just randomly speak to a random person about something. 1 C.

Elements that I hope to keep Improving on Is to speak more clearly and not stutter so much or double up my words and sentences.Also I hope to continue to speak longer and more intellectually when speaking to higher powers, family, etc. 2. My first speech was the Introduction speech. I decided to talk about myself as a sneaker collector, also that I work at Champs Sports and that Drake was my favorite favorite hobby and thing to do when I was super-duper bored. My next speech was the Personal Speech/Narrative. I talked about the tragic time that I almost drowned in the swimming pool in the deep end at my old boys’ scout summer camp.

This was a very frightening time in the beginning of my long life that I will not ever forget for my entire life.I spoke about every second of that day in high detail and how the incident appended to me and that everyone did nothing to help me. This moment was a very emotional disappointment for me from not one person even acknowledging me when it happened. The 3rd speech was the informative/how to speech. I spoke about the evolution of the Jordan Brand and the first 8 sneakers that the brand ever produced. They were worn by the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan. I also spoke about each shoe in detail and how they were made and what were special about them.

Also, I gave facts about what happened and the events that Jordan articulated in the desired shoe I was currently talking about and gave pictures of the shoes throughout the Powering. Finally I gave a couple funny fun facts about Michael Jordan that not a lot of people would know about, saying that he gets a manicure every two weeks and that he gets a pedicure every month. The 4th speech was the Persuasive speech. I chose not to complete this speech and not show up to class because I felt like I was not fully prepared to complete the desired speech.I researched forever on the topic of the 9/1 1 conspiracy but decided to terminate my search because I felt like I could not find any valid points to either be pro- conspiracy or anti-conspiracy and that I had no real proof of the subtopics if people asked difficult questions about arguing about my topic, which was an important part of the speech, to back up my evidence. The 5th speech was the focus group and I chose the topic of Should prostitution be legalized or not. I chose to be anti-prostitution for the fact that prostitution is not only degrading to women but also that it is Just outright ridiculous.

Not only is it bad for he economy if it was legalized, but it would also raise the divorce rate in the united states and I also believe that it would ruin the economy with all the sales tax that it would bring to this nation’s economy. My final speech of the semester was a how to speech on how to make a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. This speech was a pretty goofy and funny speech that I Just pulled out of my buttocks, but I felt like a knocked it out of the park, give EVERY SINGLE little step on how to prepare to make the sandwich and also how to make the sandwich.I even gave everyone a funny video on Youth on how to make the sandwich as well, and also gave fun facts about peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, that February 12th is National Peanut Butter and Jelly day, and finally that there was a record made for the biggest BP&J sandwich that weighed over 1,342 pounds! The film “The Great Debaters” really caught my eye on how to become a better debater and also to become a better man and to fix up my vocabulary, and finally to become and achieve whatever I want to as long as I put my hardest work in.

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