Key to success

7 July 2016

This past year impacted my train of thoughts in ways that I am now determined to succeed. I lived a glimpse of what it would be like without an education which was working in a factory these past months and now more than ever I have the motivation, ambition and drive to get back on the path to a bright future. I realized how one can struggle if you don’t further your knowledge and with that I am eager to excel and accomplish my goals. This time off gave me the chance to realize that I needed to do more to better myself, so I applied my lessons, transitions, and strength to make my dreams become reality.

The biggest test was coping with the absence a school environment, studying and just being affiliated with other students that have similar goals as me. I refuse to settle for less without trying for more with that I will push myself and not give up to achieve what I want in life for me and my family. My recent experiences led me to decide that nursing is the career for me and I’m ecstatic to begin my journey. I’m a dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic individual and I am ready to pour all that positive energy in being a nurse.

For starters all my life I’ve been genuine to helping others in any way needed, so my devotion to healing those in need is a natural feeling. I believe that being a nurse I will have the chance to make a difference in others’ lives and that’s all I can ask for. I am ready to surround myself in such environment being that visiting hospitals, having doctors appointment’s all shows me what it’s like and having those moments where I feel so open and curious to ask health questions is my sign in making me want this career. Nursing is very compelling to my mind and it soothes my vast learning abilities in ways I feel apprehensive.

I am meticulous about researching and learning in which I will use to broaden my intellect in being a nurse. I have chosen this particular school because it sets itself aside from others I’ve looked into reasons being that I will have the opportunity to have a hands on experience. The fact that I’m going to be able to work as I continue my education is my conformity. The curriculum gives the ideal approach into guiding me to a more accurate understanding of what nursing is all about. Embarking this longevity path to success I am looking forward to utilize my acquired skills in the real world.

I have the mindset to strive for my dreams and do all I can to be the best I can be. My humble perseverance will push me to triumphs leading me to the key of my success. The goals I plan to achieve will be to learn all there is to know about being a nurse and making sure my patients are in trusting hands, as well as being prepared to facing any challenges and doing what it takes to be qualified for the job. Overall I will push myself to my maximum potential to the best of my abilities and overcome any obstacle that stands in my way to prosper my own expectations.

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