Keyshia Cole – “I Remember”

7 July 2019

Keyshia Cole is one of the most talented Female Artists in the American Society of Hip Hop and R&B. She has made over a million Hits and had went over her best record. If you just buy one of her cd’s, Trust me you will end up buying more and more. “I Remember” Is the new song she has recorded and had became a hit song after 2 weeks already. Her whole soundtrack of songs are mainly about her and her life struggling through all the difficulties of her family and herself. Keyshia Cole had said herself “I had came a long way since i was a kid and my mother was an alcoholic and resintally been prosecuted, If it hasn’t been for the lord I wouldnt have such an apportunity to follow my dreams; which is singing”. When those words came out of her mouth i guessed anybody who seen her spoke her mind knew she wasnt conceited and start supporting by buying her new hit single “I Remember” and her cd. Keyshia Cole came a long way and made many Hip Hop songs and R. Her whole cd is just so relaxing to hear, It will almost have you in tears of what she had been through and almost all her songs are truthfull and hit the heart. I Promise you if u listen to her whole soundtrack she will become one of your most popular hit female artists. And also coming from a female she had followed her dream and tried so hard to be a role model for me and other Youths so that they wont make the same mistakes she has made and continue their dreams. I am so sure if u go and buy her cd’s you will love it and appreciate the fact she is a female artists. “You wont regret it”

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