Khidmat Foundation

10 October 2016

There are over 180 schools of Alkhidmat foundation including Ghazali education system, Dar e Arqam school, Hira schools , Baithak Schools System, and READ Foundation etc. Over 5000 students have received scholarships and other educational assistance from the Alkhidmat Alfalah scholarship program and more than 600 students have completed their professional degrees. Alkhidmat foundation volunteers have putted their lives on risk for promoting education in all over country. In recent months , Alkhidmat foundation Education managing director of KPK Zakir Hussain and Alkhidmat ambulance driver were shot dead in Charsadda by some unknown terrorist when they were on their way to a visit a school there. Alkhidmat orphan care program is divided into two sectors! . Aghosh centers 2. orphan care program  There are ten aghosh centers of Alkhidmat foundation in all over the country in attock, peshawar, muree, rawalakot, bagh, badeen, mansehra etc. The Charman board of governor Aghosh is Dr Anis Ahmed(vice chancellor RIU). There are 220 orphan children are in aghosh attock mostly are the victims of 2005 earthquake and about 20 of them are the flood victims of 2010. They are provided the facilities like cadet college. They are provided with the education, food, medical checkups, and other normal life facilities for the children.

In Rawalkot aghosh which is recently finished have admitted 50 children. Other 8 aghosh centers are going to finish this year in which muree aghosh is for about 400 children, Peshawar 100 children etc.  Alkhidmat Orphan care program is recently launched. Its director is Col(R)Khalid Abbasi. Over 3000 children are already sponsored with the 9 crore rupees in the beginning of 2013 and the target for the year is 10,000 children. In this program, those orphan children are included who are living with their mothers or cousins and cannot afford to go to school and other life necessities.

In this program, a sponsor(donor) provides 2500rs per month (30,000rs) per year for a child. In this package , a child is provided with school education, school bags, shoes, stationeries and other life necessities. In every cluster of 200 children, a paid FSO(family support officer) is supervisor which works are to take care of children and their families ,providing money, ethical values grooming and education care. A donor (sponsor) have a total record and updates of a child he sponsored online and also he has a facility to visit the child home.

Alkhidmat foundation is contributing a lot in health in the country. Alkhidmat foundation have more than 50 hospitals in all over the country with all modern facilities. Alkhidmat also arranges free medical camps on different areas time and time again. There are over 220 ambulances of Alkhidmat in all over the country ,the no. of ambulances is increasing day by day. Alkhidmat foundation have also launched the maternity mother and child health care centers in the different areas of the country. A number of blood bank, laboratories, medical stores are in many regions of the country.

A lot of people died of the diseases that are spread due to by drinking unclear and filthy water. Alkhidmat has taken responsibility to provide clean water to the areas in the country where it is out of reach. The director of Alkhidmat clean water project is Qazi Syed Saddar ul din ALKHIDMAT WATER SERVICES INCLUDE FOLLOWING 1:- Water Filtration Plants 2:- Hand Pumps :- Water Well 4:- Water Supply Schemes Alkhidmat Foundation has been providing pure, safe, and healthy drinking water to many people through its water purification plants. The objective is to provide filtered, safe, and hygienic water to the masses. Alkhidmat Foundation has planted 380 plants till date. Alkhidmat Foundation has already established major water filtration plants across Pakistan: Out of the major 14 filtration plants 7 have been installed in Sind, while the other 7 were installed in Punjab with the collaboration of Government Of Japan.

These water filtration plants make use of ‘Ultra filtration’ and Reverse ‘Osmosis processes’. Alkhidmat Foundation has also installed water filtration plants in the following Punjab prisons: Sheikhupura, Shahpur, Sargodha, Attock, Rahim Yar Khan and Mandi Bahauddin. An understanding with I. G. Punjab Police was reached according to which Alkhidmat Foundation agreed to install 10 water filtration plants in jails of Punjab. 7 of them have already been installed, while 3 will be installed soon. Hand pumps:

Water pumps are very important contraptions, especially in places where drinking water lies 100-200 feet underground. A grand total of 2,148 hand pumps have been installed all across Pakistan by Alkhidmat Foundations. The annual cost for the hand pumps is estimated to be Rs. 26. 19 Million while 7. 35 Million people will benefit from these hand pumps. Water Schemes: The distribution of water is always troublesome in hilly and remote areas. To remedy the situation a reservoir of water is created mechanically and stored at a place where it could be easily disseminated to the required population. The scheme also involves the development of new water resources so that demand could be met along seamless provision lines.

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