2 February 2018

The colonist were a good profit for them and din ‘t want to risk loosing them. Also the British thought it wasn’t right for you to just break away from your king. Reason the colonists broke away is because they felt like they were being unfairly taxed because they had no representative in the Parliament.

The king would not let the colonists govern themselves. After the colonist protested against the Sugar and Stamp Act, the Parliament passed the Declaratory Act. This Act was meant for the colonists to do what ever theParliament said. This made the colonists upset because they would have no say in anything they had to do. The colonists were also not allowed to trade with whoever they wanted to trade with. The British then passed the Navigation Acts. This Act made the colonists only be allowed to trade with England.

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This angered the colonists because they wanted the right to choose who they traded with. Because of the French and Indian War, the British had to raise taxes. The British created the Sugar Act.Since the Parliament and King saw it just as another tax, the colonists were angered because they had no say in the Parliament. After the colonists protested the Sugar Act it was repealed and then the Stamp Act was created. Then the Townsend Act was created which taxed lead, paint, tea, etc. Then the colonists protested against this which caused it to be repealed except for the tea.

The tea tax caused the Boston Tea Party. So the Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts which forced colonists to quarter soldiers. All this led up to the colonists breaking away from the British.

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