Kiehl’s Strenghts and Weaknesses

6 June 2016

To market its products, Kiehl’s applies a non- traditional marketing approach that relies heavily on free product samples, word of mouth endorsements from existing customers and innovative marketing techniques. Kiehl’s is distinguished for its unorthodox marketing approach, exceptionally large male clientele base and its products’ simple and straightforward packaging. Word-of-Mouth. L’Oreal has faithfully adhered to the founding family approach of not advertising the Kiehl’s brand. For Kiehl’s, it’s all about the ‘pull’ of word-of-mouth. Creating beautiful interesting stores, wonderful products and living its philosophy of purpose beyond profit compels customers to do their advertising for them as one by one they spread Kiehl’s secret with their friends.

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Kiehl’s Strenghts and Weaknesses
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The Kiehl’s way of selling is not to sell at all. They believe the product will do what they do and no hype will change that. Kiehl’s doesn’t talk about itself, they want people talk about them.

Kiehl’s sticks on his traditional approach. It goes through every detail and every action. Whitin the stores, Kiehl’s is known for its focus on customer service and its retail brand experience. Why would Kiehl’s have a vintage motorcycle in their store? Because it’s core to the story and the brand’s visual expression. The trademark vintage Ducati motorcycle found in every Kiehl’s store is there because the founder liked them The brand also maintains its close ties with the medical community from which it was born. As such, Mr. Bones (the skeleton you see in every store) serves to pay homage to the industry.

Kiehl’s is passionate and a perfect example from a company with a loyal fan base. But Kiehl’s brandawarness is rather low. A lot of people don’t know Kiehl’s. They even never heard about it. Kiehl’s can also be find on the Internet. The webshop is very simple. They believe in the no-nonsense approach. Let the product just does his thing.

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