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8 August 2017

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Killer Angels is a fictionalized history of the autumn of the Confederacy and triumph of the Union otherwise known as the Battle of Gettysburg.
This conflict that started on July 1st and lasted 3 yearss was the major turning point of the Civil War. The two sides were contending for two really different grounds. The Southern rebellion provinces were contending for their provinces rights. to maintain bondage and their independency from the Union. The South. unlike the North. idea of slaves non as worlds but like animate beings. For case. a adult male from the South talked about liberating his slaves and says. “Let me set it this manner. Suppose I kept a all right entire in one of my Fieldss. and all of a sudden one of your Northern emancipationists came up and insisted I should liberate it. Well. Sir I would non be more amazed. I feel precisely that manner about my inkinesss and I resent your deficiency of cognition. sir. ” ( pg. 177 ) He was speaking about how. to him. a slave was no more than a Equus caballus.

The North. on the other manus. was contending in the beginning to continue the Union. However. subsequently the focal point changed to the stoping of bondage after the Emancipation Proclamation.

The froward second in commanded of the Rebel ground forces was Major Longstreet. He was lonely and down because of the recent decease of his kids.

Longstreet didn’t like the thought of contending against work forces he one time fought aboard. He talked to Lee about how they all took the curse. the curse to protect and support the state. Longstreet said. “I must state. there are times when I’m troubled. But… couldn’t battle against place. Not against your ain household. And yet we broke the vow. ” ( p. g. 191 ) So neither Lee nor Longstreet was needfully contending because they liked bondage ; they were contending for their place and their people.

You could state Longstreet had a more modern position on war tactics. He approached Lee with the thoughts of spliting the ground forces and coming from Washington as good. But Lee wasn’t ready for this alteration ; Longstreet said while speaking to Fremantle. “I’ll Tell you tactics tomorrow. Devious? Christ in Heaven.

Tomorrow we will assail an enemy dug in on the high land. and allow me state you. if we win that one it won’t be because of the tactics or because we are great strategians or because there is anything even remotely intelligent about the war at all. It will be a bloody miracle. a bloody miracle. ” ( p. g. 251-252 ) Longstreet was stating that the lone manner that they had a opportunity of winning was if there was a miracle. He was taking these work forces into a conflict that he knew he couldn’t win. After showing his positions to General Lee and being denied. there was nil left for him to make though. Longstreet started to believe about discontinuing and how he could non make that because he has a responsibility to his work forces. he couldn’t go forth them entirely. He was their leader.

Subsequently as “he watched the conflict dissolve to incubus: the orderly military lines get downing to came apart as they crossed the route and no order beyond that but black fighting coagulums and a few flags in the fume. leaning the canvass above the white sea. traveling down one by 1. He starts to believe about how this whole war and directing work forces out there was all for nil. ” ( pg. 331 ) And when he saw Lee. he knew that Lee was at mistake. and Lee knew it excessively. Everyone was deceasing ; they had accomplished nil.

As Lee and Longstreet talked. Longstreet said how he was non certain if he could take any more work forces that will merely decease. how this could really good be it for them. While Lee said that the lone manner it is wholly right to hold these work forces die while taking them is cognizing that you aren’t the ground. Each adult male has his ain ground that he joined and fought. Right before Lee gave the order to withdraw. Longstreet said. “I was seeking to warn you. But… you have no Cause. You and I. we have no Cause. We have merely the ground forces. But if a soldier battles merely for soldiers. he can non of all time win. It is merely the soldiers who die. ” ( pg. 339 )

After the war. people said that Longstreet made two really bad errors. The first was going a Republican and trying to reconstruct the South. And the second was stating that the great Robert E. Lee lost the war.

James Longstreet was a superb adult male and a gifted general. He had great thoughts that were in front of his. clip but subsequently led to many triumphs and became modern tactics.

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