Killing Animals

3 March 2017

Dr Graeme Colon, a kangaroo ecologist in a lecture in the University of Melbourne said that it is a general rule, 100 angaroos per square kilometers was a sign of trouble, because over population lead to a widespread land degradation and widespread plant loss, country will get overgrazed, because of the lack of food caused by the drought in the area, but now it is 200 kangaroos per square kilometers. They also compete with other grazing animals, the problem like this situation will affect the balance of natural environment. So animals should be culled when they are over population is to large and have a treat to the natural environment and compete with other animals.

It is reasonable to kill animals when they present a danger to humans. When some animals attack humans, they should be killed, such as the grey nurse shark attacked at the spearfisherman and was going to eat him, so he shot this shark and just in self-defense. ( Williams 2004 ). People are in self-defense when some animals arrack them. In addition, sometimes some animals spread disease to people as they should be culled. For example, the serious eruption: in Hong Kong and in Vietnam. Health officials thought the culling of birds to reduce the danger to humans. ( Von Cluck 2005 ).

Killing Animals Essay Example

Some people recognize that some animals need to be culled, because they spread disease quickly to humans. So the killing of animals can be justified when they present a danger to humans. Animals should be killed when it is economically beneficial. In Australia,

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