Killswitch Engage Live

10 October 2019

Music as a Weapon

Concerts are crazy and awesome, moshing and crowd surfing makes them even better. T-shirts, CD’s are a hit after the show, I get to the stand before the end of the encore if not they’ll all be gone before I get there. The main band that played was a mixture of metal and classic, though the opening bands were only metal, I still liked them. The band before the main one was called Killswitch Engage, There songs and lyrics inspired me to the extent of running down the stairs and through the security into the floor crowd. Music can enable you to go beyond your self obtained abilities, and can get you through the hardest of times.

Inspired, I moved out of the aisle, ran down the stairs the security couldn’t catch me, pushed my way through a sea of people to reach the stage. I was lifted, and all of a sudden I was up on the surface of the people, being sent toward the stage. I reached the stage and set down before the stage security could grab me, I was then looking in the faces of my favorite band, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

This genre is not respected as it should be; people can’t get past the screaming and won’t try and understand the lyrics because there is more to music than just how popular it is. There at a concert I can escape to relaxation and tranquility when I’m surrounded by people who do respect this genre of music just as much as I do. I think of nothing but the band on stage, the people around me, and the music, without the troubles of what other kids say about what I wear or who I talk to or not, It is a great feeling to me to be at a concert listening/watching a grand genre of music.

The main reason why people don’t like this genre of music is the screaming, Heavy Metal isn’t all just screaming, it has a soft-core singing vibe to it. For liking this genre is because of the way it is played, it’s hard to explain the way it’s played because there is no way to describe it but that it’s just amazing. For the people who look/listen deeper into the music, it’s the lyrics that that the fans love the genre even more.

My favorite band Killswitch Engage has an African American as their main vocalist. They’re lyrics are explicit free, and they are very meaningful. I mentioned that the main vocalist is African American, but the previous/original main vocalist was better at the screaming bit but was awful at singing unlike the new vocalist who is way much better at singing.

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