Kim Dae Jung-Letting the Sun Shine In

4 April 2015
The following paper discusses Kim Dae Jung’s history and examines the reasons for his winning the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize.

This paper examines Kim’s strategy of trying to bring North Korea and South Korea closer and of trying to make the North more open. In addition the strategy’s chances for success are also discussed.

From the paper:

Kim seems to have a good as chance as anyone is likely to to thaw the relationships between the two countries that were sundered at the end of the Korean War and in many ways still remain trapped by the kind of tensions that once enveloped much of the globe during the Cold War. His history of trying to move his country gently but firmly into the future dates from his rise to being a prominent opposition leader during the tenure of President Park Chung Hee. In 1997 he became the South Korean first opposition leader to win election to his country’s presidency.?

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