Kimball Courthouse

4 April 2015
A study of the architecture of the Kimball, Minnesota courthouse.

This paper examines the historic architecture of the Kimball, Minnesota courthouse building. It describes the sense of history through the preservation of historical features such as the stage, the bell tower, tin ceilings and carriage door bricks. The paper provides a description of the exterior and interior of the building and provides the social purpose for this site.
“Settled long ago by courageous pioneers, Kimball, Minnesota still maintains its small town feel. Today courageous pioneers are fighting to preserve a historic showpiece, the traditional City Hall. The 92-year old City Hall stands proudly in the middle of downtown representing Kimball’s heritage. Many small towns are losing their historic buildings to age and lack of the building’s ability to meet the community’s needs. In fact, the Kimball building is starting to deteriorate and its fate lies in the hands of the people. Following is an analysis of the exterior and interior of the building.”

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