kinda by LANY

11 November 2019

Imagine yourself on a road trip with your friends, the sun is about to set and you’re by the ocean. This is what this album makes me feel like, calm and at peace even though the words of the song relates to my emotional state.

They’re a three piece band from Los Angeles, California. It was formed in March 2014 by Paul Klein, model. He flew to Nashville and started to make “good” music with Les and Jake and uploaded them on SoundCloud. The band’s name was made for visual and aesthetic purposes and it stands for Los Angeles New York.

And since they have an “aesthetically pleasing” name to match their music, everything they do, from EP covers to their fashion sense are “aesthetically pleasing”. They had a couple of EP’s out already, ‘i loved you’, ‘make out’, and ‘kinda’. And they also played at music festivals and concerts like Troye Sivan, X Ambassadors, and Halsey.

In their latest EP ‘kinda’, they had 6 songs. Every song have their own vibe and each song talked about a certain person. In the song ‘like you lots’, the band talked about him, or them, how he wants to “make out” because the girl “know[s] I want you still”. And in the song ‘current location’, it’s about a person who’s moving to London without saying anything to his/her partner. And in ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’, the artist was left alone and his friends are nowhere to be seen.

The EP might sound like the person’s alone or always being left, but many people can relate to this artist. One song that almost everyone knows and loves is ILYSB, which means I love you so bad. It’s about his love for this person and how he adores her, which is basically what a teenager would tell his/her crush.

Not everyone likes this type of artist but I suggest readers to listen to ILYSB and/or ‘like you lots’. They’re two different songs that proves the listeners that they do not make the same songs every time. I also think that this band would get far like The 1975 and gnash.

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