Kindred Spirits by Emmet Cahill/Celtic Thunder

8 August 2019

“Kindred Spirits” is a song that Emmet Cahill sang while he was in Celtic Thunder. This was his first solo in the group. The song is featured on the DVD “Voyage” and the CD “Heritage.” This song is about a child losing their mother who is now joining their father in heaven. The child sings about all of the good times that they all had together especially his or her parents. The child also sings about how they are now “kindred spirits” together forever and to never part again. This is a song that was written by Phil Coulter who helped started Celtic Thunder and he gave it to Emmet so sing.
I love this song for a few reasons. I just love the meaning of the whole song. You can also feel all of the emotion coming out of him when he sings this song. This is also the first song that I heard him sing and I just think that he sings it beautifully.

Kindred Spirits by Emmet Cahill/Celtic Thunder Essay Example

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