Kinetic Art and Technology

4 April 2015
This essay looks at the world of art in motion-kinetic arts, and how it is becoming increasingly popular for artists interested in using technology in their work.

This paper presents an overview of kinetic art, motion in art, and its history. In addition, the author argues that the artists are responding to technology and continuing to evolve as they learn to use technology in their favor. The paper focuses on sculpture.
“While most of us love the look of a wind chime or the way a mobile twirls over the crib of a baby, we don’t understand that it is a form of artwork. When we think about art we usually think about paintings on canvas, a still photograph or other types of works. Rarely do we realize that anything that is created and has movement is also art, and it is called kinetic art. Kinetic art is not a new concept but it has enjoyed recent popularity as artists around the world are being put on display. Its history and its allure are no longer a mystery and we can enjoy the movement in the open today. Kinetic art can be defined by the term kinetic meaning related to or produced by motion.”
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