King Diamond

9 September 2019

King Diamond is the epitome of Heavy Metal. This band is definitely not for the weak-hearted or the easily influenced, mainly because the lyrics could cause such symptoms as extreme anger and frequent homicides, more cases of Familicide, and less wasted time on the news. This new CD is amazing. It combines the perfect amount of emotional lyrics, interesting vocal techniques, heavy guitar riffs, and insane drumming. If you like the sound of huge motors on muscle cars, then you’ll like the guitar on this CD, the perfect combination of infectious rumbling and gnarly drums. It truly shows you what REAL metal sounds like. With the lyrics in “Give Me Your Soul” and the guitar in “Black of Night” it crushes Fall Out Boy into a million pieces, then urinates on it. For those of you who are more into “Britney’s comeback” or Panic at the Disco’s new album”, this CD is not for you. For people who would rather listen to Origin, than Ashlee Simpson attempt to sing, you might want to buy this CD immediately, before you die of a lack of brutality.

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