King Louis XIV, The Sun King

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the life and achievements of the great French King Louis XIV.

The following paper discusses the life of Louis XIV, the Sun King. He was a great monarch who helped in the revival of arts and theater in the country, some of his major military excursions were also very successful and they came in the first twenty years of his rule.
From the paper:

“Louis XIV was born in a royal palace in 1638 and was made king at the very young age of five as his father Louis XIII had died. But since the new king was very young to look after the Empire, numerous uprisings were see in the country, the nobles and elites of France tried to create problems and so did the general public. This was period of intense rebellion against the monarchs, and is known in the French history as Fronde beginning in 1648 and ending in 1653.The king who was at a very impressionable age, was disturbed by the insurgencies and this was one thing he never forgot and the threat that the people of Paris had posed was also taken very seriously.”

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