King Stephen of Hungary

4 April 2015
Life & career of leader crowned in 1000 A.D. Looking at religion, politics, rise to power, national unification, canonization and succession issues.

This paper is a biography of Stephen, crowned as the first king of Hungary on Christmas Day, 1000 AD. His coronation consolidated a collection of battling tribes into a recognized kingdom, aligned with the Roman pope. His monarchy lasted more than 900 years. Stephen, known as Istvan to his countrymen, established a series of reforms that set the pattern for Hungary’s government. He also aggressively turned the nation into a Catholic country, wiping out the vestiges of paganism into which he himself was born. After his death, he was canonized as a Catholic saint, cementing recognition of his lasting influence in establishing Hungary as an important European power.

During the period at the end of the 10th century, Christianity had begun to take root throughout Europe. Though paganism was still strong, the world around the Hungarians..

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