4 April 2015
Photocopying firm’s ownership, history, strategies, supporter of environment & education, new services & markets.

Kinko’s Inc., headquartered in Ventura, California, provides photocopying, color calendar, business card production, and one hour photos on a nationwide basis. Through more than 800 stores, the company generates in excess of $400 million in sales annually (Moukheiber, 1995, p. 42). Since establishing the business with a single store in 1970 close to the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Paul Orfalea has built Kinko’s into the leader in the photocopying industry through the development of a competitive advantage. Orfalea, a 1971 finance graduate from the University of Southern California with a C average, has not always followed traditional paths the creation of a competitive advantage for Kinko’s.
Kinko’s has evolved into one of the largest chains of document..

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