Kirk Franklin –

9 September 2019

If you want a precise and detailed summary of Kirk Franklin’s “Let It Go”, this could be what you are looking for. This song is taken from his sixth album “Hero” which came out in 2005 and won two Grammies in late 2006. Kirk has nine great albums, but personally I think “hero” is the best. The album “Hero” was preceded by Kirk’s fifth album “the Rebirth of Kirk Franklin” which talked mainly about the return to his family. “Hero’s” sound is somehow more refined and refreshing than his earlier albums. The album stayed on the Billboard Gospel Albums Chart for 49 weeks making the way for Kirk to receive his third Grammy.
Kirk Franklin was born on January 26, 1970, he has been writing music ever since the late 90s. Kirk’s “Let It Go” talks about the trial and tribulations he went through before he became a born again Christian. The song has the combined rhythms of today’s and old time rap. His music carries out religious messages as a preacher in a pulpit on a Sunday morning. The main reason why he wrote this song was because he felt that life was too overwhelming and he wanted to let it go. This song is meant for reaching out to the youth of today so that we wouldn’t feel alone if we are going through some of the things he went through. He was abandoned by his parents when he was two, and was left with his Aunt Gertrude who really loved and cared for him. As he grew older peer pressure started to get to him that he ended up having a child at the age of 17. He kept on drifting away from the church, and even got into drugs, but then when one of his best friends died at age 15, he realized that that life wasn’t meant for him. He went back to the church for the last time, and this time he was there to stay. Kirk is a very parent- friendly guy. Parents love him because he was not perfect growing up but as he grew older he realized that church is where he belonged and stopped getting into trouble. His appearance is very casual. One of his other songs on “Hero” called “Could’ve been” thanks God for everything he has done for him and tells God that even though his life was a mess, it could’ve been worse. I think that Kirk is a great artist who wants the youth of today to act their best and not get into trouble. Honestly, I am inspired by him and wish to meet him one day.
If you like youth Christian rap and like hearing the lives of artists through their music or like listening to gospel artists such as Fred Hammond and Donny McKlurkin, Kirk Franklin’s album “Hero” is what I recommend . These artists sometimes work together to write their music so there is a little bit of each of these artists in all their music. If you like Mary Mary’s “Thank You” featuring Kirk Franklin, I would also recommend this album to you. The album is better than watching the video on you tube. It is only costs $14.77, but the power of this album is priceless. So go out buy and enjoy it, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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