Kittie – Spit

11 November 2018

Imagine a band that yells as loud as Chino Moreno fromthe Deftones with the looks, lyrics and melodies of Courtney Love from Hole. Noneed to imagine anymore: Kittie has arrived.

Kittie is a Canadianband made up of four girls who can rock, yell and keep up with any hardcore bandout there. Ranging in age from 15 to 18, you’d think they’d sing about love andboys like the rest of the female pop artists most American teens listen to, butwhen I listened to the title track, I was surprised that their throat, bass linesand dark melodies reminded me of the good old days of hardcore rock. It is abreath of fresh air to hear Kittie sing about things they hate and people theycan’t stand. That may sound harsh, but I know I’m not the only one sick of thehappy, superficial music out there. With Kittie, one minute you’ll hear thegorgeous, soothing voice of lead singer Morgan Lander, the next you’ll bestartled, but impressed, by her scream, “Stay away from me, Get away fromme.

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Their first single, “Brackish,” is an upbeat, loud, passionatesong that makes you want to headbang and mosh. It’s not every day you find achick band that rocks. Kittie sets the stage for more kickin’ hardcore girlbands. I am very picky about my music and it takes me a long time to find a bandI can rave about, so if I found Kittie as good as the Deftones, Soulfly, Systemof a Down and Slipknot, you’ll be amazed by them, too.

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