Knee Deep by Zach Brown Band

9 September 2019

Medicine comes in many different forms. Traditionally it could be found in a jar, but it could come from something as simple as a smile, or listening to music. Songs are the best kind of medicine. What else can put someone to sleep, keep them awake for unusual amounts of time, or even be used as an antidepressant? To me music is a necessary formula taken every day to survive. I live off the prescription Knee Deep by the Zach Brown Band . The instruments together work beautifully. Plus, the lyrics remind me of summer.
Knee Deep has a tropical mood. Everyone can tell when this song comes on the radio because of the different techniques and instruments used to create it. Even though it is very tropical it doesn’t completely snuff out the country. The country mostly comes in on the lyrics and how the song is sang. Twangy, repetitive lyrics about losing a girl/gaining one get extremely old. Almost all songs these days have the same subject except for Knee Deep.
In the summer, this is my song. When I listen to it I can relax and forget the world, especially with the instruments reminding me of Jamaica. An example of relaxing in Knee Deep is when the lyrics stated, “only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair”. The Zach Brown Band is saying that there is nothing more important than laying in a chair and staying dry. These twelve words describe the worry-free moments that summer is all about.
The “tropical country” theme and the perfect sensations of summer captured in this song make it the best. It brings out the highlights in summer and lets everyone forget the unforgiving spring weather. Another phrase from the song is, “the ocean is my only medication.” whoever wrote this song’s lyrics, completely understood what i was trying to say before. There are different types of medicine but, the Zach Brown Band may have created the best of them all.

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