Knight of faith

6 June 2017

I came across many new phrases and words I had never heard of before. A few stuck out to me that I focused on and interested me the most. They were types of people called the Aesthete, Knight of resignation, and the knight of faith. The knight of faith is someone I was interested in most. I didn’t quite understand the knight of faith’s thought process. The knight f faith would recognize the impossibility of his wish but also truly believes that it will be arranged.

They believe that for God, all things are possible. When reading Abraham’s story it is hard to distinguish him from a Knight of faith and a murderer. Abraham puts all of his faith in God believing that things will be okay if he listens to God and kills his son. This makes him a Knight of faith but also a murderer if he were to actually kill his son. Kierkegaard describes in his book the differences etween the two but still remarks on how they can overlap.

Knight of faith Essay Example

I argue that Kierkegaard did not give sufficient criteria for distinguishing the knight of faith from a murder because he is in violation of the ethical, which is the universal. As mentioned above, Kierkegaard portrayed the knight of faith as someone who recognizes the impossibility of his wish but believes that it will be granted. A great example of the knight of faith that Kierkegaard brought up was a story about a beautiful princess.

A man is in love with this princess but unfortunately it is impossible for them to be together. Kierkegaard said that the knight of faith would infinitely surrender his love, settling himself to the pain. However, he also, goes one step further and says, “Nevertheless I have faith that I will get her–that is, by virtue of the absurd, by virtue of the fact that for God all things are possible (pg. 67). ” Agreeing to the understanding, this is impossible, and the knight…

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