Knock, Knock

4 April 2019

I’ve heard thatsometimes God has to knock us on the head to get our attention, but I never expected Him to actually do it.In my case, though, He knocked on my left knee. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with myfuture but had generally decided to become a history teacher, more because I liked history and was good atit than for any other reason. My decision, however, abruptly changed in the middle of sophomore year. Youcould say my future fell out of the sky and landed on me. Or you could just say I fell down. I wasplaying basketball and landed on my knee with a sickening twist. After reconstructive surgery, I hadphysical therapy. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I liked it so much I started to think about it as acareer. I’ve spent the last two years volunteering in the rehabilitation department of a localhospital, and though it began as a chance to see what physical therapy was all about, it has become apassion. I’ve always known I wanted to do something to help others, I just didn’t know I could make a livingat the same time. What better job, in an increasingly impersonal world, could there be? One of thebest feelings I’ve ever had was seeing an elderly woman’s expression as she laughingly kicked her feet in aswirling whirlpool. For a few moments, as I talked with her and the soothing water bubbled around herbattered foot, I helped take her mind off her pain. That moment was valuable enough for me to devote mylife, time and energy to. My goal is to earn degrees in physical therapy and Spanish. Why? To make lots ofmoney? No. To drive a fancy car and wear designer clothes? That won’t happen. I just want to be happy,and do something to make others as happy. That’s a goal worth working for.

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