Knowing Courage

7 July 2016

“What is courage,” is the question many people are asking today. Is there a proper definition to this spiteful action and mind consuming word? And how do we explain this to others who ask what courage is and argue certain points on why someone might act courageously? In order to answer these questions, a person must first learn the points and ideas that the word courage brings forth. Courage is related to belief, will, and danger and always having to go down the difficult path.

When someone “believes” in doing something, that something might be a courageous act such as, a person sticking up for their family when people are saying bad or harmful things about them. The difficult path in this scenario is you or me having to confront the angry people to calm them down and help them understand what they don’t know about the family. Then also knowing that those people might hurt you for even walking near them. John F. Kennedy once said ” It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.

Knowing Courage Essay Example

” This means that courage and belief are forever intertwigned and change our history constantly all by people sticking up for what they believe in and their acts of courage for that belief. What one person may believe in will always be different than someone else’s belief, but people will always act courageously for what that belief is is. Then that curagouse act that someone might put forth will also include “the will to do it. ” In the “What is Courage” article, the auther says “Courage is often a measure of our self-esteem.

” This also relates to the Will of doing something and is overall, also measured by our self-esteem. People must have the will to act in a risky maner to protect or save what they believe in, which is determined by how much self-esteem they have. A good description of a person with high self-esteem and will to protect or save are sodiers. These men and women go out to serve their country and constantly go into terrifying situations, or the “difficult path. ” They risk and sometimes give their lives in order for other people to continue theirs.

They do thousands of curagouse acts including the simple thing of voleering. The same thing is established in the article “What is Courage,” when the author tells of the ancient Greeks and how “their courage is “natural” and “voluntary”. ” The ancient Greeks volunteered to serve as people do today and to them, it was natural or the natures wasy of courage. But this type of courage and any other kind of courage will always include a continuing aftermath in relult of the actions given in courage. Danger is alway iminate when facing the word and actions of courage.

Danger is always thought of to one day be gone. But thats not true; In the article “The Eternal Strugle of Good and Evil,” James Kirk Wall says, “There will always be good and always be evil. One cannot exist without the other. ” This concept is the same with danger. Danger can not live without safety. Then there are several different kinds of danger that can result from a courageous act. These different kinds of danger are classified in three categories; moral, physical, and moral/physical danger. The difference between these categories are told by themselves.

Moral danger is danger created within the mind mainly as “what will happen if I do this? ” The danger might not happen but it is there and could potentially come to life. Then physical danger; danger that can hurt or harm you. Things like getting shot, punched, broken bones, open wounds of any kind, and even death. These kinds of danger can happen all the time even at the most unexpected terms, which comes to the final danger; Physical/moral danger. This kind of danger is a combination of the thought of, if something will happen, then that thought comes to life and becomes physical danger.

These categories of danger are all results in facing a simple of complex courageous act, from going off a zip line even though you are scared of heights to serving your country for the benefit of your loved ones and people you may not know or even ever meet. Courage surrounds us, but is always related to belief, will, and danger with having to go down the difficult path. We all have done courageous acts, even when we didn’t classify or think it was such an act. We all have faced danger, either from the result of courage or plain life dealings.

And we all have had to project the will to go down a difficult path knowing of what is at the end. You and me. So when we think or hear of arguments about if someone should receive a medal or be praised for actions. look back on what that person did and how the did it. Assess actions and be bold in finding the right way. Nothing is wrong, but then again, nothing is right either. so when the answer is found, don’t hide it but bring it to the world even if your scared to do so. Be curagouse.

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