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6 June 2017

The finding of this paper is the used of social media that dell implemented since 2006 and integrated with organization learning, knowledge management and innovation generating. Introduction Dell Inc is a leading multinational company in IT business who primarily provide complete solution which included hardware support, software support, on-site- service and financial service for all range of business, consumer and public sector . One-third of the company revenue is generating from service and consulting activities which operated via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, telephone, and on-site- service.

Dell Inc was being the first company in the industry who introduced at-home assistance and implementing social media service to aid technical issue with business which currently being an influence factor for consumer purchasing decision. The current IT industry market climate is tense by competitors and various factors such as technology advancement and social trend also vastly affect the backbone of the market. These mentioned factors directly push every company to find their competitiveness over the competitors.

Knowledge Management Essay Example

So, every company needs to acquire knowledge in order to invent something new that will help the company compete ith other competitors. In some ways, the company can obtain the mention knowledge and respond to consumer’s need by frequently asking from consumers themselves . Because social media will provide company more opportunities to connect, listen and engage with customer than before. This report paper will demonstrates and analyze how social media exploit innovation and useful practice in Dell Inc which knowledge management and organization learning are a part of it.

Social media In Social Media is an online instrument of communication which the reader can communities and networks see (fgure 1). The content of the interchange communication can be text, picture, sound, or movies. Sometime writer is able to become audience and receive other readers’ opinions and point of views back and forth (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010; King, 2012; Hong, 2013). Social network is an online platform that group of people build-up social-relations, share interests, activities, and real-life connection.

Because on this platform this network member will share their perception and experience about a specific topic of interest, and these comment and knowledge can be used for organization to learn and create an innovation because arge amount of information will be transfer toward group of people who share the same interest. Figure 1: Social media triangle Source: Social Media Roadmaps The Social Dynamic Model (SDM) SDM is an approach that integrated social media and customer-centric thinking into individual organization.

SDM is resulted from the change in consumer behavior which their purchasing decisions are influence by the surrounding factors such as peer recommendations. In addition, Social media can stimulate human interaction with brands and company. The challenge that company currently facing is how to ntegrate social media dynamic through organization touch-points because social media participants are expected to be involved, respected, and help.

This social dynamic model is not only describing the affect the way companies do marketing but also other functions in the organization. In capability building process, it is very important to build internal belief and knowledge. So the organization can set a further the direction in the organization. In the second step, the pilot mode, in this phrase concrete projects have been set-up which these projects will enhance the learning process of the organization. The project needs to have a center of excellence to improve company listening culture.

The third step, integration mode, in this phrase, the company pull and tide the organization with the customer. This will increase customer involvement with the organization and organization restructure is required to make the organization work more functional and the project should be assessable by KPI concept. The last step, the leverage mode, this last phrase is about making the company more flexible because of the SDM philosophy the ROI of the company should have increased.

Figure 2: will describe that of four steps approach o integrate social dynamic practice which included the capability building, the pilot mode, the integration mode, the leverage mode into the organization as followings: Source: lnSite Consulting (2012) In 2005, Dell was claimed for unacceptable of customer service and customer support though social media by Jeff Travis who is a famous blog writer. The title “Dell lies. Dell Suck” immediately became talk of the town.

He also implemented a score system that reflex an unpleasant feeling from Dell’s customers. The inevitable message rapidly spread through the social media and online network vastly ruined ell’s brand image and reputation. As a reaction, Dell immediately realizes the power of social network and the solving reactions are require to be implemented. Because factor that influence purchasing decision. Dell Inc learn to change a long with the sound of customers which make them named number 1 most social brand in this recent years.

They keep listening all of the incoming ideas but not over-reacting, this can see from the fact on the web which show that 18,000 ideas submitted but only 500 ideas has been implemented, dell try to weight the outcome of each idea and make the best uses of them. After staying in social media dell had learn a lot of knowledge from their website, ideastorm. com, which in this website, dell users’ sign- in and discuss about how to improve their beloved brand, dell. As below, this figure shows the development of dell’s social media Figure 3: the facet of dell’s social media timeline Source: Dell Social Media adjusted by Chaiwanichya

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