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8 August 2017

It is hard to put to death the Practice of Knowledge Management given by MARA without the corporate committedness of MARA staff members. It requires a high degree of positive mentality and pro-active attack in pull offing to the mark groups.

I would wish to show my extreme gratitude to the MARA Human Resource Director. Encik Ibrahim bin Ahmad for the trust given by him and of class to do this undertaking in the line of successful. To MARA Staff Training Institute. Encik Nor Hashimi bin Mahat for given me the opportunity for go toing this class and to put to death this undertaking. I would besides wish to thank the members of JT Frank Academy Sdn Bhd for their cordial reception and helpful in doing my undertaking successful. My particular thanks would decidedly goes to the Chief Knowledge Architect. Dr Frankie Ow for the most best counsel and every bit good to Mr Moi Kok Wah for the forbearance and great journey to the cognition direction. I am so thankful to the members of CIKM and co-workers of ILHAM for their uninterrupted dedication. aid and committedness to allow the successful of POKM in ILHAM. I am certain. by the Grace of Allah. may all our attempts be sincere and the approvals of Allah be upon us.

Knowledge Management Essay Sample Essay Example


The rational of this undertaking is to set up and implement the pattern of cognition direction in ILHAM in order to be an first-class preparation Centre and human capital development in MARA.

The purpose is to edify and to raise the capacity for cognition and invention and fostering “Global Class Mindset” among the rehearsing community members in Human Resource Department. The responsible will takes the rehearsing community members to accomplish important and sustainable public presentation by following 8 cardinal ego driven mentalities and wonts. The internalization of these mentalities and wonts will transform persons. rehearsing community members. squads and organisations to be more self-driven. pro-active. collaborative and invention for invention strength. client reactivity and every bit good operational excellence.

The early Practise of Knowledge in MARA

Corporate Profile

Majlis Amanah Rakyat. The Council of Trust for the Bumiputera or MARA is an bureau under The horizon of the Ministry Of Entrepreneur And Co-operative Development ( MECD ) . Malaysia. It was established as a statutory organic structure on 1st March 1966 by an act of Parliament as a consequence of the First Bumiputera Economic Congress declarations in 1965 to advance the engagement of Bumiputeras. peculiarly those in the rural countries. in commercial and industrial activities. In order to accomplish its aim. MARA provides Bumiputeras with commercial or industrial aid and preparation.

Corporate Vision

To be an outstanding. autonomous. independent and trusty organisation:
? An active accelerator and driving force
? A commercial and industrial web Centre
? A resource. preparation. research & A ; development Centre
? A thought organisation

Corporate Mission

To be the keeper of trust. to raise the position and self-respect of Bumiputera though assorted economic sciences. educational and societal activities.

Corporate Aim

To make a competitory. sustainable and strong community of Bumiputera enterprisers. particularly those in the rural countries. though encouragement. counsel. preparation and aid to take part in the commercial and industrial activities.


To this terminal. MARA has developed a Strategic Plan ( PSM 2006 ) which will function as a beacon to construction our activities for the following 10 old ages until 2015. Our strategic purpose is focused on the “3K Concepts” . viz. to the development of the k-entrepreneur. the k-worker and set uping MARA as a k-based organisation.

The PSM 2006 is a result-oriented action program to convey about alterations within MARA to accomplish three strategic aims. to spread out Bumiputera’s equity in national economic system. to increase the Numberss of competitory Bumiputera’s work force and to set up MARA as a competent and antiphonal organisation. The PSM reinforces MARA mission to set up a Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community ( MPPB ) and is aligned to the Third Outline Perspective Plan ( OPP3 ) within the Vision 2020 model.

MARA has been in being concurrent with the First Malaysian Plan ( MPI. 1966 – 1970 ) . For about 40 old ages. MARA. together with other authorities bureaus. has been entrusted with the double aims of the New Economic Policy ( NEP ) that was to eliminate poorness and to re-structure the community based on the national integrity policy.

The mission is even more relevant today as MARA have yet to accomplish the mark of 30 % Bumiputera-owned equity. MARA is researching new enterprises to foster the entrepreneurial traditions among the Bumiputera so as to ablactate so off fixed-salary civil service occupations. This is appropriate to the MECD’s tagline of Entrepreneurship id the Career of Choice.


To guarantee planning and staff enlisting are based on at least 95 % of the demands To program and guarantee that staff development preparation fulfills the competence demands so that 70 % of the MARA staffs can accomplish a minimal mark 80 % in their one-year work assessment To supply installations and public assistance services to benefits all MARA staffs harmonizing to their entitlement


To develop at least 70 % of the MARA staffs to be more competence and quaity in their occupation and undertaking To upgrade and develop the procedure for staffs developing system to be more systematic and efficiency To develop human capital intelectual accomplishments and expertness in assorted facet to upgrade their services To carry on studies on preparation and development into a dynamic preparation classs To transform human capital to be more positive consequently to public service moralss and spiritual demands To upgrade leading and organisational direction qualities





A planetary economic system in which information travels at lightening-fast velocities is an of import factor. In the past 50 old ages. economic systems have changed from labor-oriented. production-valued systems to rational and skill-valued systems.

The universe is rehearsing Agriculture Economy back in 1850s. Intense use of specialized cognition thrust people to stregthen a country’s capableness to introduce. adapt and create. Therefore. the revolution of industrial has changed where steam engineering was innovated by James Watt in 1860. After that. Henry Fayol and Federick Taylor introduced Scientific Management. The universe so changed to Production based Economy ( p-economy ) where people directed direction attack has been implemented.

In 1977 to 1981. the Production based Economy has transformed the universe into Information Technology when first personal computing machine was introduced and it move from Production based Economy to Knowledge based Economy ( k-economy ) . This paradigm displacement in calculating following informations treating 1945 boulder clay 1965. The present accent on k-economy has been induced mostly by the rapid developments in information and communicating engineerings ( ICT ) in th1990s.

Figure 1 shows the economic transmutation of the universe: –

The move forwards a k-economy is consistent with Malaysia’s aim of developing a strong and resilient economic system driven by high factor productiveness and efficiency. In extra. k-economy will complement and speed up he alter from an input driven to a productiveness driven growing scheme. a major policy push initiated under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

The 5 cardinal Pushs of Ninth Malaysia Plan: –

Malaysia started to put foundation for the k-economy in the mid 1990s. among others. with the launching of the National IT Agenda ( NITA ) and the Multimedia Super Corridor ( MSC ) . The aims of NITA is to explicate schemes and advance the use and development of IT. the cardinal enabler of k-economy.

As the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad ( 2002 ) had really perceptively pointed out: –

Recognizing the critical demand for cognition as input. Malaysia has embarked on the transmutation from the input-driven growing scheme that has served her well in the yesteryear to one that is progressively driven by cognition in order to accomplish sustainable high growing and development.

Knowledge is information that is interpreted and used by determination shapers to run into their ends. There are four constituents of the cognition based economic system development. which is computing machine substructure. infostructure. instruction & A ; preparation and research & A ; development Technology ( R & A ; D ) .

These are the features of a cognition based economic system: –

• Has abundant resources
• No location barrier
• A extremely educated labour force
• A high degree of per capita wealth
• Open cosmopolite society attractive to planetary endowment
• Well connected to other planetary cognition nodes
• A displacement from top-down hierarchal organisational constructions to blandish shared-structures such as webs of semi-autonomous squads
• Skills and cognition are cardinal assets
• Information and communications engineerings ( ICTs ) are pillars of the knowledge-based ecnomy

There are six necessities for Malaysia’s successful operation as a K-based economic system: –

• A contributing external environment
• A condusive domestic environment
• Sustained fight
• Productive partnership between the populace sector. the private sector and the community • Private sector as the vanguard
• Good corporate administration

In order to measure Malaysia’s preparedness to go a cognition based economic system. the Knowledge-based Economy Development Index ( KDI ) was developed. It compares Malaysia’s place relation to 21 other states which are chiefly developed. The KDI is derived from the four constituents of the knowledge-based economic system to drive a knowledge-based economic system.

In footings of the KDI. Malaysia is in 17th place. as shown in chart below: – Several enterprises have already commenced to ease the smooth development of a knowledge-based economic system. Malaysia accelerate its attempts during the Third Outline Perspective Plan ( OPP3 ) period. peculiarly in the country of human resource development ( HRD ) . scientific discipline and engineering ( S & A ; T ) . research and development ( R & A ; D ) . infostructure and funding to place itself conspicuously in the planetary map of cognition base economic systems. It besides undertake steps to guarantee that all sections of Malayan society have just entree to the new chances.

As concluded. in a k-based economic system. human capacity edifice is a pertinent country of concern. In kernel. a k-based economic system propose that human scholars endeavour to seek cognition. physique. generate and use new cognition utilizing tools of acquisition and tools of engineerings. besides known as the difficult accomplishments of acquisition.


Before I attend the CIKM at JT Frank Academy. my concern about cognition direction is all about ‘technology thing’ or a ‘computer thing’ . the elements that will speed up with my occupations. In respects of that. I understand a spot of the constructs of k-workers. k-economy. k-based administration and many others but for cognition direction. my head remains of engineering.

After a few yearss of go toing the class. I find that cognition direction is more than engineering. In fact. engineering is merely one of the enabler from cognition direction. Knowledge direction is concerned with the full procedure of find and creative activity of cognition. airing of cognition. and the use of cognition so I am strongly driven to accept that cognition is much more than a ‘technology things’ and that elements of it exist in each of my occupations.


Knowledge direction is to get and indentify the right information to the right people at the right clip. and assisting people create cognition and portion and move upon information in ways that will measurably better the public presentation of an administration and its practise of cognition direction.

The practise of cognition direction is to accomplish important and sustainable public presentation by following the 8 cardinal self-driven mentalities and wonts. The internalization of these mentalities and wonts transform persons. squads and administrations to be more self-driven. pro-active. collaborative and advanced.

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