Through the duration of the first three weeks of the accounting 291 course learning team A has acquired knowledge of different accounting methods. The three main objective during week three include stocks that corporations issue such as common stock, preferred stock, and treasury stock. Learning team A also discovered methods to tell the stocks apart through their differences. The second main point that week three spoke about was calculate stocks, dividends, and split stocks and their definitions and how corporations use them.

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The first objective that learning team a discussed during week three was the three different types of stocks that corporations issue. Common stock gives stockholders the ability to vote on actions that deal with the earnings of corporations through the acquisition of dividends, and keeping a percentage of shares the same when the company issues new stock. Corporations issue preferred stock to spike the interest of more investors. Treasury stock is a company’s own stock that was issued and subsequently reacquired from the shareholders but not retired.

There are many areas of confusion when dealing with the different type of stocks for instance, dealing with authorized stock and the reasons companies do not place par value on a stock to determine the value. The team also has confusion with comprehending treasury stock. Collectively it was easy to understand the differences between the three types of stock a corporation issues. The second objective covered was calculating stocks, dividends, and split stocks. This portion although appearing easy to comprehend has made the minds of each individual work extra hard.

Stock is buying into ownership of a company. It is buying into their assets as well as their earnings. To calculate stock one must understand how to calculate the earnings per share. To ascertain the income for every portion take the net profit and isolate by the extraordinary offers. profits are money dispersions that organizations pay out consistently to shareholders from income. Gainful organizations pay profits. To ascertain profits for dollar sum take the amount of claimed stakes and reproduce by the profit for every allotment.Stock part is expanding the amount of remarkable imparts possessed by separating every stake. Every stockholder gets an extra offer; however the worth of every offer is lessened significantly.

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Two stakes equivalent the definitive esteem after the stake part occurred. The computation of stock part is extremely confused. Thefinal objective that was covered in week three includes recording treasury stocks transactions. When companies choose to repurchase their own shares it is referred to as treasury stock. In corporations management may elect to retire the shares permanently, or intends to hold them for resale or reissuance at a later date.

Treasury stock is recorded on an accounting report as a contra stockholders’ value account. Contra accounts convey a parity inverse from a typical record offset. Ordinarily value accounts hold a credit offset inasmuch as a contra value account makes a case with charge equalization. There are two sorts of treasury stock transactions, these incorporate acquiring, resigning. Acquiring is the diary passage that charges treasury stock and credits money for the buy cost. The diary passage for resigning is charging the paid-in capital record that identifies with the resigned treasury stock and credit the treasury stock.

The expense system records the sum that was paid to repurchase the stock as an expansion, charge, to treasury stock and a lessening, credit to money. Through the duration of learning in week three the team has overcome many obstacles to learn the processes in accounting. This week in Principles of Accounting II learning team a got to take an in-depth look at the different objectives that week three taught.

The first objective learned was the different types of stocks that companies offer to the investors, including preferred stock, common stock, and treasury stock. The individuals in learning team A also learned how to calculate and split stocks as well as their dividends. The final objective was recording treasury stock transactions and the different methods to journalize the transactions. Collectively the team agreed that further investigation needs to be complete on the second objective to fully understand how corporations use stocks and their methods.

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