5 May 2017

New schools are opened up, towns and communities continue to flourish and grow. The layout of this paper is going to be why education is important to people in todays world, how education changed and will it continue to have policy changes, and what education symbolizes or means to others. Education is important to a lot of people for a simple reason, they view it as a ticket Just sitting there waiting to be grabbed.

A ticket that leads to a better future and life, a way to start a family and survive the harsh economic realities facing you. It’s a lot easier to face life with a degree because knowledge is power. Even if you do get a degree it is still difficult to procure a stable and well-paying Job. If you have the courage to get started and take that challenging road to get that degree, it is definitely worth the time, money and effort. The meaning of importance for education can change for every individual.

Knowledge Essay Example

Everyone has their own relationship to knowledge and reason for why they are pursuing their American Dream. I’m sure a lot of other people share the same thinking as me when I say that pursuing and receiving a higher education is one of the only options and roads you can take in life. Some people want an education because theyVe been told no their whole lives and have een deprived of academic opportunities. Now they have the motivation to go after their degree and show others that they do deserve, they have what it takes, and they can achieve their goal.

Education, how it is viewed, and everything about knowledge has changed and will continue to change until the end of time. Is school more challenging in todays world? Yes it is, hands down with no argument that college is more challenging in todays society. College is more expensive and there are a lot more universities and places to study around the world. Learning and school in general has without a doubt hanged. Classrooms were smaller, good teachers and professors weren’t as easy to find unlike today. Life and learning is more complex and difficult than it ever was.

Assignments are longer, more complex, and more difficult to complete. Tuition and rooming prices keep increasing, and I have no doubt in mind that the costs will keep rising. The cost of supplies that a student needs today compared to back then are drastically ditterent. Books and a laptop alone is a decent amount ot money. It’s we’re trying to keep America stupid. I think everyone in this country views schooling as somewhat important. Over the last hundred years I think people everywhere are beginning to realize the true importance of education.

School is different now because of technology, the things we have discovered, the supplies students have to buy to be successful, and because of how the world is developing rapidly. The standard of learning can change depending on where you are at and what you are studying. Education and the learning system is changing rapidly for the better. New information and knowledge is introduced to the world every day. Technology is constantly being added onto and updated. The people in this world will never cease o amaze me with the creations and inventions they introduce to the public Just to make their lives more simplistic.

I believe the whole concept and methods of learning and the way we take in and absorb information will change drastically in the near future. Education for minorities especially for African Americans has changed. It hasn’t always been allowed for African Americans to be in school and often times schools were segregated and racism was high. Young African Americans were often stuck in a system designed for them to fail. With the poverty and crime rate along with racism nd prejudice it was usually impossible for most to escape the pressures and difficulties of living in the ghetto of the city.

The prison system is deceiving and unfair so to speak. Cities will have prisons but no recreational facility for teenagers. Almost everything has been made a felony and with the three strike rule it is easy for young adults to end up in prison for life. Education can symbolize many things toa lot of people. It can symbolize freedom, or a way out. Knowledge is a rare thing and I think people now more than ever are starting to realize that. Schooling will continue the change and always will.

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