Kobe Bryant

9 September 2016

Bryant Five-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP, one NBA MVP award, fourteen time NBA All Star, and two time Olympic gold medalist are several of Kobe Bryant’s many accolades that shape his legendary career. Many ex and current NBA players believe he is the best Los Angeles Laker player of all time. Some even strongly believe by the end of his illustrious career he will be the greatest of all time surpassing the legend, Michael Jordan. But his greatness also brings harsh critics, many haters. Kobe is one of the most hated players in the NBA because of his success and greatness.

His reputation has also made him one of the most popular players around the world. Kobe Bean Bryant will go down in history as one of the greatest NBA players of all time on and off the court. Kobe Bryant’s childhood impacted his basketball career immensely to make him the great basketball player he is today. Kobe Bean Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Joe and Pam Bryant. His dad Joe Bryant was a professional basketball player who played in the NBA and over seas in Europe. Growing up Kobe learned to love the game of basketball because of his father, who would take him to all of his practices and games.

His dad didn’t find much success in the NBA so at the age of four his family moved to Italy to see if he could strive in the leagues there. Joe Bryant blossomed into a star there and it was the beginning of Kobe’s journey to greatness. Kobe went to almost every practice and game with his father and began to hone his skills. At a very young age Kobe began to take basketball serious. He studied his dad and attempted to mimic all of his moves. He attended Lower Merion High School back in Philadelphia where he developed into an elite basketball player.

Scouts from the NBA and colleges began taking in interest in him and he became a star. At the end of high school Kobe decided to go straight into the NBA because he was familiar and had an advantage with the life of an NBA player. From that point on his stardom and basketball skills skyrocketed. During his NBA career Kobe Bryant endured many events, in which he bounced back positively. In 1996 Kobe was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets and immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe ended up teaming with Shaquille O’Neal, one of the NBA’s greatest centers, and they found success.

The Los Angeles Lakers won three championships in row with Kobe and Shaq leading the team in 1999, 2000, and 2001. The three championships sparked his superstardom in the NBA and it changed his life forever. Kobe was now one of the biggest stars in the NBA and he excelled in the league afterwards. The championships also brought drama to his life because Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe fought for the number one spot on the team. Conflict arose but the Lakers eventually chose Kobe over Shaq. The team was now his. During the years without Shaq, Kobe put up record-breaking numbers where he scored eighty-one points, second highest in NBA history.

Current NBA and former players began to recognize his greatness as they believed he was the best player in the NBA. His time in the NBA wasn’t always great as a major bump in the road halted his career. Kobe Bryant faced many obstacles in his life that lead him to his legendary legacy. One of his biggest obstacles was when he was accused of allegedly raping a girl. This complication tarnished his reputation that made his fans; players and many others dislike him. The victim eventually dropped the case and they came to an agreement. After the case Kobe changed his number and had a new outlook towards the game that led him to success.

A couple years later Kobe bounced back from this obstacle by winning two championships in a row. This accomplishment was his most significant because he won the championship as the number one player on his team. It also established him as one of the greatest of all time because he has now won five NBA titles in total. Kobe Bryant’s legacy has made a major impact in the world that many see as optimistic. Kobe is one of the most known players globally in the NBA. His jersey is the top selling jersey in the entire world. Kobe’s presence in our world today has influenced many people to start playing or even become a fan of basketball.

Kobe Bryant is also the official ambassador of After School All Stars that provide after school programs to over 72,000 kids. He also has started many charities around the world. Kobe has also made an impact in the clothing business. He has started his own line of clothes with Nike, which is immensely popular around the world. Both on and off the court Kobe makes a major impact on people and culture. Various qualities and accomplishments are what make Kobe Bryant disparate from the rest. First of all, all of his accomplishments alone make him special. He is one of the most decorated NBA players of all time.

He has done enough so that he is even compared to Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time. Many people say what separates him the most is his work ethic, will to win, and his style of play. He is known for having the best work ethic in the NBA because of the extra hours he puts into his craft. Many try to mimic many of his moves and lifestyle which makes him that much more intriguing. During games, there is some kind of aura that emanates from his body. It is like he is god-like compared to the rest of the players. He never seems to finish a game without leaving the crowd transfixed.

Kobe’s style of play is what makes him the pivotal player he is. Kobe Bean Bryant’s legacy will forever mark him as a stepping-stone in the NBA on and off the court. He has taken the world like a storm revolutionizing it in many aspects. Kobe has faced many obstacles in his life, endured many events, he has shown the world how special he could really be, and last of all he has impacted our world today. When Kobe Bryant plays basketball his craft is so fluent and unique it leaves his fans mesmerized. Now tell me, what other basketball player could you even begin to compare Kobe Bean Bryant to? Nobody.

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