Kolb Learning Methods

5 May 2017

Based on the descriptions in the text, where do you see yourself on the Kolb Inventory? I see myself on the Kolb Inventory as reflective observation. Reflective observation is the abilities which help learners to reflect on their experiences from many perspectives. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, determine which personality is most like you (e. g. ENT]). After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I have determined that The Thinking verses Feeling; logic or values fits me. Thinking types are usually logical, rational, analytical, and critical. That describes me; I always want o know why this or what’s going to happen next, If I don’t do this, what am I up against? I’m always weighing my options. Feelings are types that are typically warm, empathic, sympathetic, and interested in the happiness of others as well as themselves. I find myself sympathetic at times and always interested in others happiness whether it involves me or not.

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List the results of the VARK and Multiple Intelligence Inventory learning assessments. The results for the VARK Learning Styles Inventory are as follows: Total number of Vs circled is 9 Total number of A’s circled is 9 Total number of R’s circled is 12

Total number of K’s circled is 12 The results for the Multiple Intelligence Inventory Learning are as follows: Verbal/ Linguistic Intelligence – 2 Logical/Mathematical Intelligence – 2 Visual/Spatial Intelligence – 2 Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence – 1 Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence – 4 Interpersonal Intelligence – 5 Intrapersonal Intelligence – 1 Naturalist Intelligence – 1 Look at your results, what similarities do you see? What are some of the differences that you see? The similarities I see are: I got a low score of visual in both VARK and Multiple Intelligence. The differences I see are: Bodily/Kinesthetic, in the Multiple

Intelligence Inventory was low but in the VARK Learning Styles Inventory Kinesthetic, I scored high. Which learning strategy is most effective for you based on these four models? How will this knowledge make you a more effective college student? The learning strategy that is most effective for me based on these four models is the VARK Learning Styles Inventory. By using the VARK Learning Style the knowledge will make me a more effective student because it is different methods in learning with the VARK Style. With the VARK Style you can hear, visualize, read/write, and kinesthetic. I can very

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