Koloss by Meshuggah

10 October 2019

Swedish Metal at its finest. Meshuggah is a Djent Thrash band out of Sweden and also is currently with Nuclear Blast. I rated them in my top ten favorite thrash bands. This may not exactly sound anything like Thrash Metal but swedish thrash always has the vocal style used in Meshuggah. Koloss is their most recent album released in 2012 and they’re currently on their Ophidian Trek Tour. I hope the release a new album soon. This is the album that got me on the Meshuggah bandwagon which is cool and alowed me to become a Meshuggah fan. Enough Rambling, let’s get started.


1, I Am Colossus, the slowest and admitably coolest track on the album. The music video gives it a bit more atmosphere to it as well. I AM COLOSSUS! Not really, but a very dark song and my first Meshuggah ever.

2, The Demon’s Name is Survallence, also know simply as The Demon’s Name, this is the thrashiest track on the album. It’s far inferior to the previous one but hey, what are you gonna do. The solo on here is barely noticable and kind of sucks too. Bummer.

3, Do Not Look Down, the first single on the album and a darn good one as well. This takes more off a slower approach similar to that of I Am Colossus, but does give some value too. It is worth the listen too.

4, Behind The Sun, one of the longer songs on the list, this starts out eerily and goes into Meshuggah music. Good song, but not nesessarily my cup of teaa-bag. I ment tea.

5, The Hurt That Finds You First, well this one is one big, giant, super-mega doozy. This starts out with classic meshuggah and lasts for what feels like a while. Then, it will suddenly get slower until you get this slow and eerie outro that fades out at the end. Well, yeah, not exactly exciting.

6, Marrow, a cool bass riff that leads into a symbal smash and the song starts. This is easily one of my favorites off of the album. The drums are defidently the highlights here considering how many times you here something smash and symbals crash. The lyrics are also not bad at all.

7, Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It motion, otherwise known as Break Those Bones, this is well, not bad to say the least. Could have been better but it is a good song.

8, Swarm, this must “bee” a referance to bees. Swarm is under the same curse as the last track it’s good, but not good enough. It does hve more of a Thrashy style, and you all know how much I love me some thrash, but it makes it boring.

9, Demiurge, another single. This I guess, judging by the title, has to do with extreame power of a god of some sort. I don’t know anymore. Does Sweden even a specific god alot of people worship over ther, I know its a democratic country that’s for sure. I don’t know. This track, for me, confuses me in so many ways it’s not even funny.

10, The Last Vigil, you know what they say “slow and steady wins the race” but this doesn’t win the race, no, but does have a psychadelic nature to it. it is slow and very soothing, kind of like Pink Floyd music, but better, sorry I hate Pink Floyd. A Fantastic Way to end off an album and a very good change of pace when compared to the rest of the album.

This has been the Grim Reaper, and my next review will be up to YOU GUYS! Post in the comments below what you want me to review next. 7.5/10

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