Korea, in My Perspective

5 May 2019

North Korea. many people refer to this nation as an ‘axis of evil’ or a ‘Hermit Kingdom’. However, to us Koreans, we consider them as our brothers who, unfortunately, fell into the rule of a tyrannical family. Although this issue of oppressive dictatorship may not be particularly salient to some people, I consider this one of the key issues that the world and the South Korean government must grasp in a path to end the repressive Kim regime. You may ask: why do you consider this important? For starters, my family still have family members still stuck across the border since the end of the Korean War. It pains me to watch my grandfather ache to see his sister, who, he almost met again through the North-South family reunion in 2010. Unfortunately, the plans for this reunion went through due to North Korea’s provocative action of attacking and sinking a South Korean Navy ship. In addition to this, many people in the South still consider North Korea to be in their blood and heritage (although many younger generations are slowly deviating from this). No other nations will understand this concept and perhaps will never understand it.
War is extraneous when there are also other solutions to this problem. One of the key solutions to this is the natural dissolution of North Korea. This is already being achieved through the effort of both Koreas to become United Korea. Although being a long and painstaking process, this method is the most efficient and peaceful solution available.However, the biggest conflictionin this process is the economical and the cultural factor. Both North and South have deviated far from each other to meet their standards. South has a booming economy and is very independentwhileas the North has a restricted economy, depending on China for most of its imports. These restrictions will causes major fluctuation in the economy if unification does occur and will likely cause panic in the market. In addition with the current command economy and its ideology of Juche (self reliance), it will never be able to follow it’s Southern brothers economy. Through this, the following must occur: Opening up the North Korean market and a mutual effort to bring up the North Korean economy.In addition to this, North Korea must also intake some of the west’s ideology and culture asSouth Korea built itself based heavily upon the influence of the west. When all these pieces of the puzzle fits together, the nations will surely be ready for reunification. With these factors in mind, individual efforts are also needed in achieving the reunification. People must keep an open mind about this process as it may be daunting at first. In addition to this, there must be efforts to help the process (reunification taxes and other factors) as it simply does not work out without everyone’s effort. This whole reunification process simply will not occur out of the blue. It requires cooperation from everyone in the country and out of the country.
All in all, the whole process of reunification cannot occur individually. It requires cooperation of all people and certain factors to fit in. However, these requirements are being achieved as the time passes. Many people in the South realizes the importance of the reunification and the well being of the nation as a whole. With this, both nations must utilize these positive factors before it’s too late and achieve the status of United Korea.

Korea, in My Perspective Essay Example

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