10 October 2019

Are You Ready?I walked in with emotions stirring throughout my body,
Like a combination recipe from ten different cultures:
sushi, fettuccine Alfredo and burritos.
I rushed in line to buy an original tour tee shirt.
I was like a mad woman holding up a bank.
I had been looking forward to this moment for a year.
Korn, the best bandthat existswas about to perform before my glittering wide eyes.
Music lifted me up from my seat
Like a rocket taking flight shooting up from its platform
Emitting smoke, particles of ashes and flaming rocks
The crowd swallowed me
Like a hungry beast as I joined the group of head-bangers.
As the fans rush the stage I got trampled
A wild flower on a field where a stampede of horses are pounding
Korn fans “Got the life”
We’re “Children Of the Korn”
and “All in the Family.”
I am a child running through a toy store and snatching at things!
The feeling of the chaotic music,
The fast lyrics,
Then the pulsating rhythm and screeching guitars
Last forever
In my mind.
As I walk out I only have a smile on my face
For I am speechless and totally free
Like a great white shark,
Waiting for the precise moment to attack.

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