8 August 2019

Korn It was the best night of my life. I went to see the best concert ever – the Family Values Tour – and my favorite band, Korn. There were so many people that they looked like ants getting ready for a bigmeeting. When they were about to go on, I felt like everything I wanted in my whole life was almost there and I couldn’t wait. When they finally opened the curtains and were sitting there getting ready to play, I wanted to jump over all the seats and start singing with them.They opened with “Got the Life,” a song off their new album. One of the two best parts was when Jonathan Davis, the singer, got off stage and went to get his bagpipes and returned to play them. I loved the moment. The other best part was the end of the concert when the stage was turned around and Limp Bizkit performed with them and played the song, “All in the Family.” They both wrote the song so it was one of those moments that makes you want to cry because you saw their togetherness and you love both bands; it is the best feeling ever. I loved every second; I’m going to try to see them again. I can’t wait to have another experience like this. .Review by Carol Veloza, Hamden, CT

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