Kota Fibres Ltd

3 March 2017

How did Mehta construct his financial forecast? Using the financial forecast, prepare to show the “cash cycle” of the firm (i. e. the flow of funds through the working-capital accounts of the firm). Mr. Mehta developed a monthly forecast of financial statements by using the current operating assumptions. As an alternative way of looking at the forecasted funds flows, Mr. Mehta also prepared a forecast of cash receipts and disbursements.

To prepare a financial forecast, Mr. Mehta would improve on various parameters. Cost of goods sold would run at 73. 7 percent of gross sales – a figure that was up from recent years because of increasing price competition. Operating expenses would be about 6 percent of sales – also up from recent years to include the addition of a quality control department, two new sales agents, and three young nephews in whom she hoped to built an allegiance to the Pundir family business.

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