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2 February 2018

In 1519 the first slave ship from Africa to Puerco Rice in American continent is thought to be moving.

The beginning of the slave trade there were not a link between the slave trade and racism. However, with the increase of African slaves, slavery and the negro were used in the same sense in the West. European Christians, did not accept other Europeans (whites) to be slaves. However, they did not have any objections for the slavery of black Africans, so the new target was Africa continent. [3] Africa, before the opened Europeans intense effect, was one of the world’s most stagnant societies in terms of social mobility.Everyone was swapping each other who was not using the overproduction. Land was one of the most important elements of production, but there was no private ownership of land.

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They was using land according to his needs, but they had to protect this land. The city of Granddad fell in 1492. Other Muslim homeland in North Africa also entered a dangerous period. Africans began to live a disaster in desperation across the Spanish expansionism. All the important port cities was falling one by one and people who save lives was running away, could not run away people being captured or killed.Slavery was started first in 1444 and continue until middle of 19. Century.

The slave trade began to flourish in, the rulers have increased their incomes by taking goods with changing slavers. Some of Rupee’s largest banks and insurance companies have achieved the first capital with the slave trade. North America’s wealth cause is slave labor. Liverpool, Bristol and all the wealth of cities like Glasgow are debtors slave and colonial goods their richness. An important part of the ships carrying slaves, was registered in the Port of Liverpool.Countries which see Africa as a resource of a slave, now they began to see the raw material source and market. But for this, they needed workforce in Africa.

[4] This new trade has created a degree of economic mobility in Africa. The black people who catches counterpart were began to occur as mid-class people. A terrible impact for the Dark Continent this new trade, aside the drama of millions of people plucked from their families and their homeland, selecting the most strong of people and taken them taken as slaves, deprivation of manpower in Africa.The slave candidates passed health checks and sold. According to the Aloud Quinoa’s book; around 12 million Africans moved to the New World during this period. This forced migration is accepted as the largest migration in human history. According to Senegal prime ministers Shoeing 20 million slaves goes to America in this term.

But when they captured a slave, they killed 9 slaves in ship granary and during the capture time. Therefore total number is about 200 million. They tried to draw carrying maximum slaves ships and recorded. After they made ships to carry maximum slaves.The New World’s European colonists which made Red Indian slave trade were to foreign to slave trade. Cause of war and diseases many people perished in The Caribbean islands, so African indigenous took Red Indian population’s place. Also African slaves cost cheaper than the cost of Red Indian.

Already at that time in South Carolina and Virginia, signed agreements in order to gain more cheaply African slaves. A leg of the triangular trade was exports the trade goods from Europe to Africa. The second leg of this trade was African rulers and merchants, they actively played a role in the slave trade in 1440 to 1900.African rulers supplying large quantities goods from Europeans for exchange each of the slave. In the New World, produced by the labor of slaves cotton, sugar, tobacco, molasses and room and such as trade goods transportation to Europe from America in the third and final leg of the triangular trade. Fear of epidemic diseases and resistance of Africans, Europeans rarely went into the interior of Africa. Duty of local traders into the interior of Africa and choose the most healthy, high labor force, strong enough to bear the of hard ship’s journey.

And they bring together slaves and European slave traders in Atlantic coast. The slaves who exposed to unhealthy conditions on the ship during the journey, forced to dance on the deck of the ship by the slave traders. Some slaves committed suicide by jumping from the ship into the sea. There were eight major regions where purchasing and shipping slaves by Europeans in Africa. Three of these are Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa, Gabon and Angola in the West. Such as Portugal; Spain, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands made slave trade.Over time, England has become the leader in the slave trade thanks to powerful ships.

CO] This shopping called “triangular trade” done between, Africa, Europe and America. Slaves changed with the the mirror, fabric, and alcohol. First they stamped with a hot iron to know to whom they belong. Jean Meyer said that; “slaves were naked to prevent fleas”. They could not stand up or sit in ships because it was impossible. Ship’s granary was very narrow. Twenty percent of the slaves die during journey because the journey takes 3 to 6 weeks.

[6] Millions of slaves were taken to Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.The terrible human cost, numerous death during transport, enslavement of lions, pathetic lives of the descendants of slaves, impact has been very deep. Young who can be future leader of society have been enslaved or destroyed. Africa divided within itself and endless conflicts were occurred. Millions of labor forces could not work for African welfare. There was a genocide against the whole continent. African people Were very poor in comparison to other parts of the world.

Slaves provided growth the economy of most American colonies. Their knowledge of agro and efforts led to the development of the British agricultural industry.As a result of the slave read, African people scattered all over the world. Occurred African Diaspora. Finally, African culture, music, art, religion, dining and kitchen spread to the western world. [7] Alex Haley described this grave situation with all of the realities in his book that name Roots. Because he was grandchild from the 5th hub of a family living in that event deeply.

Harley firstly talks about Africans culture and life in this book. When the African boys were fifteen they taken by their own families and bring soldier camps, they teaching how to hunting here by leader, and their circumcised done here together.Alex focused Bantam Kinkiest child Junta Kent in his book. Junta Kent was born in 1750. Junta Kent Kidnapped by Europeans when just 17 years old in 1767. And he brought to Europe by ship that produced specifically for the slave trade. With Junta Kent 97 slaves brought together and all of them sold.

Junta Kent was sold for S 155 to a man named John Reynolds in Maryland. Junta Kent worked as a slave For many years. Another slave of the owner wanted to put the new name, but Junta Kent did not accept. The new name was Toby which did not accept by Junta Kent.Junta tried to escape several times, but ACH time he caught and flogged by Europeans. One of his escapes was successful for two days. After these two days he caught and punished by Europeans.

This punishment was very mercilessly because Europeans thought two punishments. They wanted to cut his leg or male organ, so they cut Kinkiest leg to not escape. Junta did not attempt to escape one more time. He married with a slave like him. His wife gave a girl baby. Their girl’s name was Jazzy. Jazzy was sold as a slave, when she was 17 years old.

[8] Being a slave is can not decision to live how and where.You do not have any opportunities and your average life expectancy only 22-28 years. African slaves and slaves who born in slavery center worked in sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and tobacco plantations. They worked in very hard conditions, under around 40 degrees. They worked 18 hours in a day, but all of the slaves were not willing to their fate. Especially in Surname slaves tried to get rid of escaping from slavery. They settled into the forest near to indigenous people and they set up their society.

The fugitive slaves called Maroon or Forest Negroes. On the other hand, large and small slave revolts broke out in the oiled and cities.Many slaves’ freedom initiative paid with their lives. [J At the end of the eighteenth century, the opposition and resentment against the slave trade began to increase. Slave trade was banned in 1814 with British pressure. But in the Netherlands, one of the countries which adopted this ban the latest in Europe, but allowed the freedom of slaves in July 1, 1863. The slavery was prohibited certainly in 10 April 1865 .

The slaves who heard prohibition of slavery were began to rejoice, danced, but there was a very important point; their dance figure Were Europeans figures. Their culture was stroked.They set up their own villages. White Europeans could not find workers to operate in the fields, so they began to burn and destroy slave’s villages. But this bad situation continued for several years not many years. [10] October of each year known as “Remembering the history of blacks Months” in England. In this month, black leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King’s speeches listening in libraries, museums and local municipalities.

Documentaries about the history of blacks and movies shows in television ,so the British bourgeoisie apologized cause of the tortures of the Africans for 00 years.Commemorations doing to confess. Denmark were very active in slave trade, but they was the first county to ban slave trade legally in 1792. England banned the slave trade After Denmark. After England banned the slave trade legally banned by America in 1808. During The Anti Racism World Conference African countries wanted to apologize which made the slave trade countries in Durban, South Africa 2001. Some countries of the European Union was ready to apologize, but especially England, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, and Ignited States of America opposed to apologize.

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