Kurt Cobains Death

2 February 2017

Kurt Cobain: Murder or Suicide? On April 8, 1994 Kurt D. Cobain’s body was discovered in his home in Seattle, Washington. Cobain was the front-man for Nirvana, a 90’s grunge band hailed as the “flagship band” of Generation X, who produced well-known hits such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Heart-Shaped Box. ” His death shocked the nation, leading to many copy-cat suicides and leaving many of the youth feeling hopeless and abandoned. Although everyone knew he was a suicidal drug addict, no one believed that he killed himself.

People often theorized that Courtney Love was his murderer, not that she held the gun to his head, but that she hired someone to kill him. So the question still stands 17 years later: Did he commit suicide or not? Theory #1 Murder: Love & DeWitt Many people began to theorize that Courtney Love, Cobain’s wife and mother of their daughter Frances Bean, and Michael DeWitt, a male nanny that resided in the Cobain residence, had something to do with his death.

Kurt Cobains Death Essay Example

People began to say that Love and DeWitt conspired to kill Kurt because the two were in love with each other, and Courtney knew that Kurt would not let her go that easily. DeWitt and Love were never accused of having an affair. The only thing that led to this theory was a note that DeWitt had written Kurt about learning to take care of his responsibilities, Frances and Courtney, and to clean up his act. Theory #2 Murder: Love Pays Someone to Kill Cobain

After Kurt’s death a gentleman who calls himself El Duce, the lead singer of an LA band called “the Mentors,” had told reporters that Courtney Love had offered him $50,000 dollars to kill Kurt Cobain. Even though he had said he was not able to carry out her offer because his band was touring, he brought it to the public’s attention that Love would have very well paid some hit-man to kill her husband. Another reason for this is that Kurt and Courtney were on the brink of divorce and he wanted her name pulled out of the will, so before he could do so, she wanted him dead.

First off why would Love ask someone to carry out a deed such as this the first time meeting them and in public? Also how would her name being pulled out of the will devastate her since her band, Hole which she was the lead singer and guitar player of, was just as successful as his, which meant making the same amount of money as he did? Theory #3 Suicide: Cobain Reached the Peak of Fame I believe that the ruling of death was completely right: Kurt Cobain had committed suicide. There is substantial evidence that his death was self-inflicted.

Not only was he released from detox about seven days before his death, but he also had a friend buy him a shot gun days before that. Cobain was a heroin addict, clinically depressed and also bipolar. He often told people, namely his band mates, how he wanted to die. Evidence #1: Heroin Blood Levels On April 14, 1994 the Seattle Post-Intelligencer released the official toxicology report that concluded that Cobain’s blood levels contained 1. 52 milligrams of heroin per litre of blood.

Many people on the bandwagon of his murder will believe Grant, an investigator and the main person trying to prove Cobain was murdered, when he claims that anyone with that amount of Heroin in their system could not keep injecting themselves let alone pick up a gun and fire it. But sadly for those who has decided to believe Grant it is well known among doctors and addicts alike that if you have done heroin for many years, at very high doses which often led to overdoses, as Cobain experiences often, that you will develop a high tolerance which means it will take higher amounts to get you high and an even higher amount to kill you.

Evidence #2: The Suicide Note It is almost always a given that when there is a note in the vicinity of a dead body it was most likely a suicide. The note that was only a few feet from the dead body of Kurt Cobain was written to explain his intent to leave not only Courtney, as they were planning on a divorce which is a big reason on why people believe she had something to do with it, but Seattle and the music business as well. At the bottom of the note there are a few lines that often make people question if those were also written my Kurt.

Those last lines are said to be the only ones that infer suicide, even though to me the way he wrote the rest implies it as well, are believed to be written either by Courtney or the nanny. Anyone who has done drugs knows that when you shoot up that your functions slowly shut down, which is one explanation for the difference in hand writing, or even the fact that he was suicidal, maybe he was crying which would blur his vision and make it hard to write correctly. Evidence #3: The Gun Cobain had used a Remington Model 11, 20 Gauge Shotgun to shoot himself.

First off with the conspiracy theories, people say he used just a regular hunting rifle (Remington Model 700), which is not true. Also many people say that he shot himself in the left temple, which makes absolutely no sense because first off he was right handed so it would be really awkward for him to reach around with a bulky shotgun to shoot himself on the left side. Also people should learn to not believe everything they see because the picture of his death that was published was a fake, and also the reason many people believe the temple theory.

No blood was ever found on the right side of his head, which means that the bullet did not enter the left side nor exit the right. The medical examiner’s report says that he held the gun into his mouth and fired the shot. There is ample evidence that it was in his mouth because of the burns and residue left there. Also many people feel that because there are no fingerprints on the trigger that he did not shoot himself, they believe the weapon was wiped clean. Gun experts have claimed that fingerprints can be extinguished when the gun recoils after being shot.

Conclusion No matter what anyone says, I know that Kurt Cobain committed suicide, whether the fatal blow was due to the heroin or the bullet, he killed himself. Not only was he suicidal, depressed, and bipolar, he had reached the peak of fame. And in his book Journals he writes a section where he talks about when he hits the peak of fame he was going to kill himself, and this was written before Nirvana ever had gotten a gig. Another odd occurrence is that he died when he was 27 years old, along with other idols such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

His sister told fans in the book Heavier Than Heaven written by Charles R Cross in 2001 that when Kurt was young he often talked about how he wanted to join the Forever 27 Club. There is ample evidence that he had killed himself and to support my view just look at his death certificate. For those whom think he was murdered, there is not one single piece of evidence that shows that anyone else injected the heroin into his system or shot him in the mouth.

Yes Kurt Cobain was an American idol, yes his death has drastically affected the music world and yes he was on the top of the world but no one took that away from him other than himself. The only reason these theories have come about is because of a few reasons: it is hard to come to terms that someone so influential could kill themselves, it is hard to believe that his ‘psychotic’ wife had nothing to do with his death and that those people especially Grant just want to make money from the books and movies they keep making about it.

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