L feedback

6 June 2017

You need a riet overview tor each poem you use that addresses the question and You will find it difficult to discuss structure unless you use longer quotes. Quote and discuss techniques. Embed short quotes, indent longer ones. Floating quotes’ show you can select ‘appropriate support’ but you cant get any marks for A02, unless you discuss effect/ connotations etc. Make sure your quotes are relevant and support your points. To show a ‘grasp of implied meaning’ you have to show you understand what the words/ techniques suggest/ what impression they give. Make sure you write about structural choices. You need to show you can comment on how the author has arranged their work. Points on structure could include: Poetry How does the poem begin and end? What happens in the middle?

What happens in each stanza/ section? Does the poet use enjambement? Why? Does the poet use end-stopped lines? Why? Comment on punctuation effects to slow the pace, emphasise words, show uncertainty/ emotions.

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Is there a rhyme scheme? Is it regular? Are there full/ half rhymes? Can you comment on interesting metrical effects? Novel How does the story begin and end? What happens in the middle? What are the turning points? Titles of Books What’s Just happened/ about to happen? How does an event relate to the rest of the plot? Flashback sequences and the ‘now of the novel.

Foreshadowing Play What happens in the beginning, middle, end? Time frame? Imaginary sequences? Turning points? Act 1, Act 2, Requiem – significance? Form – the authors have made conscious choices about which form of literature to use to promote their message. Harrison’s choice of 16 line sonnets and quatrains (v) are interesting, as are Waugh’s use of novel form and flashback, and Miller’s combination of realist and expressionist techniques. You could acknowledge / comment on these choices in your intro, and maybe evaluate/ comment on their effectiveness in your conclusion?

Flag up connections by using signpost phrases such as similarly, whereas, also , in contrast etc. (For example, all the writers use symbolism to explore aspects of their societies, Harrison and Waugh both use symbolic settings whereas Miller gives his protagonist a symbolic Job…. tc) You will achieve higher bands if you can specifically compare the texts, how they use a particular technique eg imagery, metaphor can be useful, their approach to themes, use of characters, different contexts and priorities. Include some comparison/ contrast at the end of each topic section.

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