La Chaise-Dyable by Peste Noire

9 September 2019

For the black metal genre, this guy is someone that holds as much controversy as Marilyn Manson and Miley Cyrus, which says alot. Being this way because of his French-based lyrics that to many speak about Nazism and Fascism, neither are very good topics to begin with and even if that isn’t the case, you don’t want to be caught with those in mind. Famine is the one man in Peste Noire who have crafted many masterpieces since the begining and is still going to this day. This time with a some more tricks up his sleeve.

This is more of a melodic black metal album here with some folk influence here and there to be honest and to really think that is kind of suprising to be honest. While all of the tracks and lyrics are in French, I have read in some comments that Famine is not who you think he is. Yes, he seems to love the political turmoil but as far as we’re all concerned, he is neither a nazi nor a fascist. Well you’re safe there but we have to talk about the music its self. The music can be beautiful and it can be black metal brutal making for a wide pallet of options available for him to explore and use. He also has a nice clean voice which helps with the more melodic sections of the album. You may also find some nice treats in here as well, usually random sound effects that can confuse you to holy heck. Essentially, this can add to some of the atmosphere in this album here but it’s not everything you must experience.

I have good feelings for this album. 8/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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