La Dentelliere

6 June 2017

La Donatello©re Examine the role of the uneducated woman in society as portrayed by Pascal Lain© in his novel “La Donatello©re”. “La Donatello©re” by Pascal Lain©, notably a sociologist and not an author, follows the life of a young girl, Pomme, as she matures Into adulthood. A main theme examined by Lain© throughout the novel is the role of the uneducated woman and the social boundaries a lack of education may pose for them. Primarily he shows this through the vague characterization of Pomme, her mother and her friend Maryl©ne as well as through her relationship with a man, Almery.

To begin, we first see Lain© portray the uneducated woman through Pomme’s mother. As with Pomme, we never learn the mother’s real name, rendering her also insignificant. In the beginning of the novel Pomme’s mother works as a prostitute in a bar In order to provide for her child after her husband walked out on her, always repeating the phrase “A vote service”.

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Her submissive and subservient attitude demonstrates her lack of education and hence her lower social status than the clients. Furthermore. he accepts her situation In life without asking questions or raying to change it, a trait which she passed on to her daughter: “Ellis acceptant tout implement lies joins et lies d©bores quo lie sort leur distribuait sans profusion” Being uneducated has led mother to believe there Is nothing more for her in life than the card fate has dealt them. predominantly, © uses pommel’s bland, transparent and impressionable personality to demonstrate her lack of education.

As mentioned, Pomme takes after her mother in accepting everything that comes her way. She is entirely without ambition or aspirations for her life and is quite content with her Job at a hairdressing anon doing only the menial tasks for untrained interns: “Pomme ne savait ni friser, ni couper, ni telndre. On surety ¤ ramasser les serviettes. ” Lain© demonstrates that Isn’t capable of having a Job with certain responsibility, but also that she neither cares to find one.

Pomme is the inspiration for Lain©’s title “La Donatello©re” – The Lace maker, a famous picture by Jan vermin. She is both the lace and the lace maker. On one hand she Is fragile, delicate and Intricately woven In her simplicity, but then at the same time is simply transparent, basic Pomme. Lain© uses this Imagery to show that Pomme’s lack of substance is derived from her uneducated background and she will never be capable of achieving much, yet performs every menial task using all her effort and concentration. t¤, n’importe locale, deviant i mm©diatement cet accord, better unite”. Furthermore, the social boundaries a lack of education may carry for woman are highlighted through the character of Maryl©ne, Pomme’s friend and hairdressing She longs to be of a higher social class but for her it is impossible to change class use to her uneducated background: “Maryl©ne se rendait bien compte qu’il y avait tout ¤ c¶t© d’elle, des autres gens et du tapage, une humanit© sup©rieure… In fact, social class and education go hand in hand – Maryl©ne was born into a lower social class and hence never received an education – meaning that social mobility is unattainable. Lain© here uses Maryl©ne to highlight the relation between social class and a lack of education. Lain© also achieves this through the failure of Pomme’s relationship with Almery de B©lign©, a man of a much higher social status than her. From the offset of their relationship Almery tries to change Pomme.

Despite being deeply attracted to her simplicity, he tries to educate and culture her, playing her Malher’s symphony. While Almery is nearly moved to tears listening to the work, Pomme seems entirely unaffected: “Pomme s’©tait doucement levee, apr©s la derni©re note de la symphonie; elle avait d©tach© ses mains du poste de radio Puis elle ©tait all©e faire la vaisselle qui restait de d©Jeuner. ” At this Almery is astounded and somewhat disgusted, showing that he will never accept her for her lack of education and so the elationship between the classes will never be possible.

Lain© also demonstrates a distinct difference between the classes by showing Aimerys extreme ambition compared with Pomme’s lack of drive to achieve anything. On one hand, Almery “serait-il un Jour conservateur en chef d’un grande muse© national” whilst Pomme is content with her basic, mundane life at present, another aspect Almery cannot accept about Pomme. Hence through the failure of their relationship Lain© demonstrates the social confinements for uneducated, lower class women.

In summary, Pascal Lain©’s “La Dentelli©re” effectively portrays the role that uneducated women play in society and in turn societys social standings. Lain© managed to successfully exhibit, through the use of Pomme, her mother, Maryl©ne and Pomme’s relationship with Almery, that the uneducated women of society tend to be of a lower social status and highlights the vicious circle that keeps these women from climbing the social ladder due to their sufficient lack of education – oppressing them, keeping them at societys base level. 728 words

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