La Ley — MTV Unplugged: LIVE

11 November 2019

Latin rock band La Ley has become world famous after its “MTVUnplugged” appearance, and the album has sold millions. Needless to say,American publicity for the Chilean group was long overdue. Well-known throughoutMexico and South America, the extraordinary band has a unique style and playsintense, invigorating songs that have been climbing the charts. On the”Unplugged” album, La Ley performs their usual exhilarating songs butare also accompanied by an orchestra for ballads and subdued versions of theirotherwise energetic tunes.

Frontman Beto Cuevas sings in Spanish, Englishand French, and writes most of the band’s lyrics. He and Pedro Frugone accompanyMauricio Claveria, the drummer, with impressive guitar arrangements. Songslike “Delirando” and “Paraiso” are upbeat and vibrant,though more subdued on this live album. “Mentira” and “Duelo”are more poetic and sentimental. The only song in French is”Krazyworld,” but its lyrics include several English words and aspecial style all its own considering that the singer has a Chilean accent.Remarkably, each tune contains meaningful lyrics and its ownsound.

La Ley — MTV Unplugged: LIVE Essay Example

Overall, after incorporating different languages and culturalsounds, La Ley has more flavor and style than American bands. If you want to addto your collection, check out La Ley’s “MTV Unplugged” album for arefreshing new sound.

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