La Machine a Rajeunir

6 June 2017

As soon as the caravan was on the road, we came across a police car. Five seconds later, another one passed us, its siren blaring loudly. Jo and I were sitting at the back on a car seat. Hugo and Sophie were facing us. Luce, on another seat, was reading an information book. We finally escaped the police. But this was not the end of our problems, like Jo already said. The assault of a police officer was a crime, and our escape made the situation worse. A1 the officers in the region were surely looking for us. But what worried me most was the helicopter. Why were he bandits trying to take my parents?

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What were their intentions and why are they interested in the phenomenon of their rejuvenation? For sure, these mysterious people are well organized. I already knew that the black car was following my dad and mom before they left. Now, I know for sure that the spying started during their trip to Perc©, when they left the machine of rejuvenation. Even if it seems stupid, the name of the machine is more than to Just attract tourists. Hugo was right. The machine was really capable of making humans younger. I could see things more clearly… Dad and mom fell in the trap of a monstrous organization.

They used them like guinea pigs for a strange experiment. Everything makes sense! The people in the helicopter were trying to capture my parents to analyze them, for sure! They must get to Perc© very quickly. If the machine of rejuvenation is the cause to our problems, then there could be a solution! When we arrive at Perc©, we must be very careful. The bandits will surely try to kidnap my parents again. With her head lying against her small husband, mom was sleeping. l, who believed that the rejuvenation would stop, was well aware that not only would it continue, the process would speed up.

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