Labor Practices

8 August 2016

In the supplemental materials, you learned that (1) the GRI is one of the most widely used CSR reporting methods; (2) the initial report of most businesses is a “C” level report; and (3) “C” level reports are required to measure ten performance indicators, including at least one from Economic, Environmental, and Social areas. You are at a private school and responsible for recommending performance indicators and developing metrics for a GRI report.

You are inclined to recommend selecting some performance indicators from Labor Practices and Decent Work because: (Select 2) A) Parents care about teacher satisfaction, which is partly a function of pay and benefits B) Stakeholders want to ensure that labor costs are contained. Feedback: Not completely correct – the school’s Board of Directors and management may monitor labor costs closely so they are contained, but there are many other stakeholders who do not have that as their priority, like employees, parents, students, and government C) Students are subject to the “decent work” requirements.

Labor Practices Essay Example

Employees are important stakeholders Feedback: True – how employees are treated affects student learning and the quality of the workplace. Most of the performance indicators in this area address relevant issues to school employees: workplace safety, training, turnover, unions, and equal opportunity. Points Earned: 1. 0/2. 0 2. Your private school is sending home a survey at the end of the school year for parents to complete on their perceptions of the school’s transparency on environmental, social, and economic aspects of their operations.

The survey consists of open-ended questions so they can get detailed feedback. What type of questions are open-ended survey questions? (Select 3) Note: It doesn’t matter how the school actually performs or how they inform parents of their performance. This question is asking about the use of surveys to collect data. A) Subjective Feedback: Yes! Opinion measures are subjective. That doesn’t make them bad or wrong – you just have to recognize that this is opinion data rather than factual. Sometimes you want opinions. B) Impractical C) Indirect D) Adequate

Feedback: Sometimes you need to follow up to collect facts. E) Disaggregated F) Qualitative Feedback: Yes! Because it asks open-ended questions, it must be analyzed in a different way, using qualitative methods, than questions that ask for opinions on a scale of 1-5. G) Factual Points Earned: 2. 0/3. 0 3. The private school has collected data on its economic health (EC1) and provides the following chart to show revenues and donations vs. operating expenses and employee benefit plan obligations. What tentative conclusions could you draw from the trends?

Had the trend that started in the recession continued into 2011, the school would have been a half-million dollars in the red B) Further disaggregation of expenses could help identify root causes of some problems Feedback: Yes – if benefits are disaggregated into categories, it might identify whether retirement, health, or other benefits are growing disproportionately C) Benefit obligations are decreasing, perhaps because of a projected increase in the number of retirees. Feedback: No – The green column shows a steady increase. Further investigation would confirm whether the number of retirees has increased.

Projections should be done to determine future trends. D) Revenues warrant continued concern Feedback: Yes! Further investigation and planning are needed to address growing benefit obligations and decreasing revenues. Donations are one method to address the gap, but would have to be financially sustainable. E) The school is acting in a fiscally irresponsible manner by cutting costs in operations. F) The economic downturn may have caused a decrease in revenues as fewer students could afford private school Feedback: Yes! The orange column indicates a decrease over the timeframe of the chart.

The hypothesis of a correlation between the decrease in revenues and the economic downturn would have to be investigated with further data collection – perhaps with a survey of students not returning. G) The school is acting responsibly by seeking major donors, but it is unknown whether this will solve the problem if it is a one-time donation. Feedback: Yes! If you are a parent, you will probably be tapped to contribute since one-time major donations will not solve long-term structural problems with finances. What other segments of the populace are facing similar problems?

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