Laboratory Safety

5 May 2017

Follow all directions and review with your instructor the safety recautions needed to conduct the experiment safely before you begin. Only materials and equipment authorized by your instructor should be used. 3. Everyone should be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the laboratory. Take care not to bump another student, and remain in your laboratory station while performing an experiment. An unattended experiment can produce an accident. 4. Proper safety apparels, such as goggles and everyone should wear gloves when pertorming experiments that require precaution. 5. Your apparel should be appropriate for laboratory work.

Long hanging necklaces, ulky Jewelry, and excessive and bulky clothing should not be worn in the laboratory. Cotton clothing is preferred over nylon, polyesters or wool. 6. Only laboratory manual and laboratory notebooks are permitted in the working areas. Other books, purses and such items should be placed in your desk or storage area. 7. Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the laboratory. 8. Extreme caution should be exercised when using a burner. Keep your head and clothing away from the flame and turn off when not in use. 9. You should know the proper fire drill procedures and the locations of fire exits.

Laboratory Safety Essay Example

Work areas and equipment should be kept clean at all times. You should always clean, and wipe dries all equipment, desks, tabletops and laboratory work areas at the end of each laboratory experiment. 1 1 . Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap at the end of each laboratory class. 12. You should know the locations and operations of all Safety Control Equipment. 13. Everyone should recognize and heed all safety symbols and cautions incorporated into the procedure of the laboratory experiments. 14. Report any accident to the instructor for immediate action.

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